5 Marvel Characters That Need Their Own Slot Games!

When they ain’t busy saving the world from Loki and co or thwarting hordes of alien invaders, Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk like to chill out by flipping open their laptops and spinning a few reels.

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Thanks to gambling software company Playtech, plenty of Marvel super heroes have their own themed slots games, including the three comic superstars mentioned above. In fact the entire Avengers superhero team have their own online slots game, which you can read all about at RightCasino.com. The Avengers slot is mobile friendly, and comes with a hefty progressive jackpot.

But not every Marvel character has their online slots game. Which Marvel goodies and baddies are the most deserving perhaps of their own themed slots game?

MAGNETO surely deserves his place in the Marvel-themed slots hall of fame. The leader of the nastier side of the mutants in X-Men would be an ideal candidate for an online slot. Lots of slots feature ‘sticky wilds’ i.e. wild symbols that stick in place when you spin the reels. Magneto would use his magnetic manipulation powers to make those reels stick, leading hopefully to some meaty wins.

Hot on the heels of Magento, how about a slot dedicated to THE INVISIBLE WOMAN? Sure, the Fantastic Four already have their own combined slot, but surely Sue Storm’s ability to bend light makes her a prime candidate for a slot all of her very own. In a bonus game, she could use her powers to turn the symbols on the reels invisible, and you – as the player – would have to pick where you think the tastier prizes were hidden.

If you know your Marvel superheroes, then you’ll know that THE BLACK PANTHER is really T’Challa, the King of Wakanda. T’Challa is very much a lone wolf (okay … cat), and a mysterious one at that, turning down membership to The Avengers and clashing with other good guys. His stealthy nature could lead to a stealthy-styled slot, with ‘mystery’ prizes and the chance to earn free spins if you spy where T’Challa is hiding.

Some slots are quirkier than others, and you’d probably get no quirkier a slot than one dedicated to DOCTOR STRANGE. The master of all things supernatural could create a really imaginative slots game, where reels swap places for the oddest of reasons, and symbols could mysteriously disappear in one place and then reappear in another. If you win, you’ll be the one exclaiming “By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!”

Male superheroes tend to have the edge when it comes to online slots, so how about a slot themed around CAPTAIN MARVEL, the black and red suited galaxy-saving superhero formerly known as Carol Danvers? Captain Marvel gained her powers by being exposed to an alien Kree device, so how about a slots game where the same device turns ordinary symbols into scatter symbols, triggering jackpot wins and bonus features?

There are plenty of other comic superheroes in the Marvel multiverse more than capable of holding their own in the world of online slots. If none of the above inspire you, how about picking your own Marvel superhero and thinking about the kind of thrilling online slots game their world-saving abilities deserve?

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