Best Casinos in Holland

Once you play casinos in Holland, you never want to go back. Because of the ongoing legalization, it is forbidden to play at Dutch casino’s. That’s why you need to gamble at casino’s with the English language. If you are able to read English, it won’t be a problem for you. Once you get in the lobby, most of the casino’s will provide the games in the Dutch language though. The best casino’s will be the ones like Krooncasino, Oranje casino and Poldercasino. These three casino’s are typically Dutch casino’s. The most of them have typical Dutch objects on the homepage, like wooden shoes and mills. The most important thing is to have fun in an online casino. Just like the Dutch people, be relaxed and enjoy your gambling adventure. Ironman

Legalization of casinos in Holland

We understand that players want to know what’s about the legalization of casino’s in Holland. The Dutch government will provide licenses to casino’s in 2015. That means that gambling companies will then offer games legal. Those companies will only receive a license, when they follow specific rules. Those rules are:

  • No Dutch language on the homepage.
  • No advertising in the newspaper.
  • No advertising on radio and television.


Written by Andrea Arentz from A Dutch website where you can find all the information needed for a good casino adventure.

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