Bola Tangkas

Have you ever heard of a 7 card poker game called Bola Tangkas? Ironman

Brief Rules of the Bola Tangkas game

Basically you get 7 cards and the first and the third card are revealed to you for the first round. At this point you can put a bet every time a card is revealed to you or you get to choose “Draw” and all your cards will be revealed.

There are many platforms you can play this popular Asian poker game variation. 7 Cards Poker Bola Tangkas is available on tablet, mobile and desktop PCs both windows and MAC. It is played on a video console similar to a slot machine game.

Main Features of Bola Tangkas

  • Reliable and Fast 7 cards Poker Game
  • How to Play is included under the Options menu
  • Nicely designed set of cards
  • Often better odds than traditional poker games

If you are a true poker lover you will enjoy a quick game on this popular site: Bola Tangkas

Play a demo game and have unlimited credits, so if you ran out of credits, it will gives you notification and then gives you some free credits for you to play poker later.

Bola tangkas become quite popular in the 80’s and became increasingly wide spread in casinos especially in land based casinos in Indonesia as people found the slot game like devices less intimidating than playing table games. These local casinos often offer lower denomination machines or better odds. Nowadays you may play bola tangkas online from your computer.


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