Daredevil On Netflix – Time To Save The Hero

Daredevil fans are hoping the Netflix series won’t be a repeat of the 2003 movie

It’s rather unfortunate that the last memory everyone has about Daredevil is the 2003 movie blunder. Instead of winning new fans the movie managed to push away some old ones. Now everyone is asking whether the 13 part Netflix rendition is going to revive the legend and bring back much needed attention. Neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer Gardner was able to save the feature film from going down in flames. In fact, Affleck tried hard to redeem his superhero career by making the switch to DC and appearing as Batman in the new Superman movie. We have yet to see how that will play out, but for now all eyes are on the Netflix debut.

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The Man Behind The Screens

According to the Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, the Daredevil series is a very personal project and he is working very hard on making it a great success. Those who keep a keen eye on Marvel’s development team will know that Quesada saved Marvel Comics from financial ruin in 1998 by reviving Daredevil and The Punisher with a darker image. Now he is back to make sure his “problem child” will live up to expectations. In a recent interview Quesada said that the Netflix series is not meant to erase the 2003 movie. But he is hoping to bring back the love that might have been lost.

The Characters

Just looking at the actor who will be portraying Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) then it’s enough to get excited. Vincent D’Onofrio is one of the most spellbinding actors on screen and his interpretation of Fisk will be very interesting to see. He has had some strange roles in his career and he nailed all of them brilliantly. As for his evil character, don’t just expect him to show up and make trouble. He will be involved in a love story. Apparently fans get to see how Fisk met his wife Vanessa and ultimately how this relationship adds another dimension to his personality.

Charlie Cox is in charge of playing Daredevil, Matt Murdock. He is mostly known for his role in “Boardwalk Empire” and hopefully this young English actor is able to win the hearts of fans. It’s obvious that he has a lot of guts to take on this superhero role given its current movie status, but with Marvel there is always hope.

What To Expect

Everything takes place in New York City and the show is connected with Marvel Universe. In other words, there is a small chance of seeing a crossover. However, this isn’t something that will be focused on. Despite the connection you probably won’t see Iron Man flying around. It has also been made clear that Marvel’s Netflix debut won’t go down the same road as DC’s “Gotham” or “The Flash”. Quesada said that the series should be regarded as one big movie, because that is how they will be approaching it.

Daredevil is the first of four adaptations Marvel is planning with Netflix and it goes without saying that the success of Daredevil could make or break those that will follow. If you feel like embracing your superhero persona then have a look at our Marvel Slot games. There is no better way to get in the mood for watching a great superhero show than stepping into their shoes for a little while.

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