Deadpool Movie Confirmed – Break out the Bad Ass

It’s been a rollercoaster ride in terms of the solo Deadpool movie. For the last couple of years so many rumors flew around. One moment the movie was on its way to getting made, then it falls back into “consideration”. The biggest curiosity came about with the 3 minute video that was leaked a little while ago. It shows Deadpool chopping off heads while communicating his usual cynical sense of humor. The little tester movie is already 2 years old and nobody really knows how it entered the web. It was made by director Tim Miller, actor Ryan Reynolds and producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Before getting to the good stuff and finding out what awaits Deadpool fans, here is a look at the drama leading up to this point. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Initial Planning of the Deadpool Solo Movie

deadpool-movieThe first sight of Deadpool in a movie was a rather tiny role in “X-Men Origins – Wolverine” some years ago. Reynolds wasn’t very happy about the beta version of his character and fans excitedly anticipated a solo release. Even Reynolds got worked up about making what might just be the best adult superhero movie ever made. This marked the beginning of the up and down story that embodies Deadpool. The writers who came up with an amazing script (more detail a bit later) were the same guys who wrote “Zombieland” and they didn’t hold back.

Directors and Writers

Considering that type of character Deadpool is, the quest to find the perfect director was crucial. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were definitely the right guys to write the script. Robert Rodriguez was the initial choice due to his reputation for over-the-top blood and action scenes. Without a shadow of a doubt, Rodriquez would’ve done the movie great justice. Unfortunately he turned it down to make Spy Kids 4, losing some respect with his older fans for this choice. Tim Miller was the director that stuck and he plans on making it just as great.

In regards to the writers, their vision consisted of an R-rated story. This makes sense, because Deadpool isn’t exactly a nice guy. If any movie is going to really capture the magic that is Deadpool then lots of blood, sarcasm and swearing will have to be implemented. However, Fox and Marvel Studios didn’t like the idea of losing young fans. This was also the reason why the movie was dropped in the first place years ago.

Leaked Script and Video

With all the turmoil that finally left Fox and Marvel in cold views towards Deadpool, the tester video was made to show them why filming should begin. This was done in 2012 and now everybody who has seen it is going absolutely nuts. It wasn’t long before the script also managed to find its way onto the net. Miller didn’t ask for a big budget and Reynolds was still very excited to go ahead after all the time that passed. Well it looks like Fox and Marvel finally gave the green light for filming to start and hopefully it won’t be long till a full length movie hits the screens.

What to Expect?

If they are going to stick to the R-rated script then you can expect quite a few things. First of all, it will be the start of a whole new franchise. Every other superhero movie pushes the limit when it reaches the 13 age restriction and now the boundaries won’t be applicable. The writers, director and studios expect to lose a huge chunk of money due to the rating, but they should also consider the growing adult based fans who want to see a bloody movie. It’s more realistic in a sense.

Secondly, the script breaks the 4th wall barrier. In other words, Deadpool will look into the camera and speak to the audience. There is one action scene with cars crashing and Deadpool flying through the air in slow motion, turning his head towards the camera and says “Did I leave the stove on?” in the middle of all the drama.

Thirdly, don’t expect to see too much of Reynolds. 90% of the movie will see Deadpool in costume while Reynolds will handle the flashbacks Wade Wilson has. He is very sarcastic, witty and sharp to say the least. Another great scene is where Colossus tells Deadpool he would’ve made a great superhero, to which he gives an unpleasant answer. Needless to say, Colossus smashes him with his forehead.

The fourth element to look out for his Deadpool’s roommate called Blind Al. It’s unclear how much she will be shown during the movie, but the blind old lady will definitely make an appearance.

Last but not least, the writers thought it would be a good idea to have a little fun with the “Wolverine” movie that threw Deadpool in a type of shallow pool so-to-speak. Without giving too much away about what is going to happen through out, there will be blood, cocky humor, a lot of violence and not something kids should watch.

Rumors Regarding the Cast

Unfortunately there is none. This can be due to the uphill struggle of getting the movie off the ground, although characters from the books will be making appearances. These include Garrison Kane, Ajax, Sluggo and Wyre.

Release Date


No specific date has been set so far. For now it looks like fans will have to wait till late 2016 before getting a taste of the new phenomenon. According to sources they are working with a $50 million budget and it seems Hugh Jackman wants to be part of the movie. He obviously hasn’t read the leaked script. He said he liked the idea of Wolverine facing off with Deadpool and there is no doubt Deadpool will end up walking away with chopped up Wolverine parts. If you really can’t wait for the movie to come out then search online for the script, because it’s relatively easy to find. This might be regarded as a spoiler alert, but after reading the first couple of pages you will get even more excited to see the movie. Be sure to keep an eye out for the specific release date.

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