Edy Hardjo puts the Avengers in a Difficult Position

Edy Hardjo is the man behind the photographic project entitled “The Secret Life of Superhero Toys” and he has no problem taking the proud Avengers down a notch.

Prepare to laugh out loud, especially if you are a Marvel or DC fan, because the photos you are about to see are nothing short of hilarious. It’s not strange to see a great degree of humor in Marvel films, but this is something different. Instead of focusing on a wide audience, Edy Hardjo decided to entice adult superhero fans. In fact, it gives us quite a good look at what a comedy movie can look like if done right.

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Hardjo uses very detailed model characters to set up our beloved heroes. In addition to very specific toy models he adds a touch of Photoshop in order to get a more realistic look. Photo buffs and comic fans alike can agree that the photos are just as creative as they are funny. Check them out!

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