The End is near for Iron Man

Everyone wants to know if there is a possibility for Iron Man 4

Since Iron Man 3 everyone has been wondering whether Robert Downey Jr. would be getting ready for the next feature film. More specifically, everyone was hoping it would be in production by now. However, the future of Iron Man, or at least RDJ starring as Tony Stark, seems to be ending with the Civil War movies. Yes, that’s right fans. RDJ told Variety that there will not be another solo film with him leading the way. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

As far as we know, Marvel is sticking to their Universe schedule and they will continue to introduce new characters. RDJ will co-star in the Captain America: Civil War movie and in at least one of the Infinity Wars films, but from there he will only make small appearances if Marvel deems it necessary. You might be wondering why Marvel is avoiding another Iron Man movie, seeing as RDJ was such a big part of Marvel getting back on their feet.

The Possible Reasons

The first and most obvious reason has to be RDJ’s age. He’s not a young man anymore and while everyone loved his performance, we all knew he wouldn’t be able to stay young forever. There had to be a point where reality would strike and looking at Marvel’s lineup for the next few years, they are quite busy. If they were to plan another movie it would have to happen somewhere around 2020 and how is RDJ going to look by then?

The second possible reason has to be his paycheck. Well-known actors get paid a pretty penny for their work, but how many actors take home $50 million for one movie? After the first Iron Man movie generated more money than everyone expected RDJ knew he was in a dominant role regarding negotiations. In fact, there was a scenario where Marvel almost lost him due to money issues.

Another plausible reason might be that Marvel doesn’t really need Iron Man anymore. Thanks to the Avengers movies, in addition to the ever popular Captain America, Marvel has quite a few superheroes they can focus on. They have proven that they are capable of bringing B-list heroes onto the A-list, but they have yet to test it in full force. Iron Man and Captain America weren’t exactly in the same league as Spider-Man, but they were much higher up than Ant-Man. Now everything depends on how well the Ant-Man film is going to do. To give the film a little edge they tied it in with the Marvel Universe, but it still remains a gamble.

The Future of Iron Man

If another Iron Man movie is going to be made then it will most likely be based on a reboot and it will star a younger actor. However, Marvel’s plate is full at the moment so the chances of them focusing on Tony Stark again in the next 4 to 5 years don’t seem realistic. RDJ fans will have to settle for his last performance alongside the Avengers and luckily it sounds like it’s going to be a clash to remember.

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