Fantastic Four 2015 franchise reboot

Well it looks like it’s definitely happening. After years of rumors it seems as though Fox are going to reboot the Fantastic Four movie franchise. I know that many Marvel fanboys were hoping that Fox would let control slip back to Marvel after the debacle of the previous two Fantastic Four films. Let’s not beat around the bush. The 2005 Fantastic Four film was bad, really bad. What’s more, the sequel was even worse. I don’t know how you make a bad movie with the silver surfer in it, but Fox managed it! AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

This is the new cast! Meet your new Fantastic Four!

From left to right we have Kate Mara (Transcendence, House of cards) as Sue Storm. Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Jumper) as the Thing. Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, That Awkward Moment) as Johnny Storm. Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment, Divergent) as Mr. Fantastic.

The new cast of the Fantastic Four movie planned to be released in 2015

The new cast of the Fantastic Four movie planned to be released in 2015

Fox vs. Marvel

So this is where we are; Fox have the rights and have apparently started principal photography on 5th May and have pegged 19th June 2015 as the Fantastic Four movie release date. Not only that but they have slated 2017 for the sequel. It looks like Fox are serious about keeping the rights. There is no secret about the strained relationship between Fox and Marvel. Marvel has done its best to limit their promotion of the Fantastic Four and the X-men franchises. I actually think Fox gets a bit of a hard time. They have done a good job with the X-men franchise; sure they’ve had a couple of hiccups but First Class and Days of Future Past are incredible films so maybe they will inject some of that magic into the new Fantastic Four reboot.

The new Fantastic Four movie!

Now let’s get down to the important stuff. Who are our new Fantastic Four? Who’s directing? Have Fox matched Downey Jr, Ruffalo, Samuel L all led by Joss Whedon in the mighty Avengers franchise? Well, no, not really.

The mantle of director has been handed to Josh Trank a relatively untested director whose only other feature film was the 2012 film Chronicle. Screenwriting has been handed to a very safe pair of hands in Simon Kinberg, whose stellar work on Days of Future Past will hopefully rub off on the Fantastic Four. A few things immediately jump out from the talent Fox has assembled. I have no problem with giving new blood a chance, in fact it’s a very refreshing direction given Hollywood’s usual obsession with star driven vehicles. However, the casting has to be spot on.

Fox seem to have made some big decisions on casting here. Ben Grimm / The Thing is supposed to be a college football star which Jamie Bell doesn’t really look like. Sue and Johnny Storm are siblings and Mr. Fantastic was always the father figure of the group. All of these things can be explained away relatively easily from a story telling point of view but my worry is that it might feel too forced with so many changes from the source material or simply wont be explained at all. Audiences will follow changes as long as they feel honest and natural. I’m not sure why Fox felt they couldn’t cast a black actress to play Sue Storm, then they wouldn’t have had to explain away that thread of the story.

The Fantastic Four franshise reboot

The elder statesmen

I’m aware that I may be sounding pessimistic about the new Fantastic Four movie, I really don’t mean to. I’m excited to see what happens with the franchise and actively want this movie to succeed. The Fantastic Four are the elder statesmen of the Marvel world having been their first superhero group appearing in 1961 and it would be only fitting to give them the reboot they fully deserve.

The Fantastic Four original

It will be difficult to come up with a character for the invisible woman hotter than Jessica Alba

Where can I see the new Fantastic Four movie trailer?

You might have seen some fake or fan made videos on Youtube posing as the F4 trailer but be assured that as of now there is NO official trailer or teaser video of the Fantastic Four 2015 film. Hold tight, as soon as it’s out we will post a link here.


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