Funny X-MEN pickup lines

These guys are supposed t’be the eternal misfits, yet ya never see any of ’em sittin’ off alone at a party. Practically all of ’em have had romance at some time or another… the one whose touch’ll knock ya unconscious, the furry blue guy, even the bald guy in the wheelchair. How do they do it? How else? Ironman

They’re usin’ these pick-up lines t’take our women… an’ our men! Y’see one of these in action, be afraid. Be VERRRY afraid!

10. (Rogue) “Just touch right here, sugah, an’ I’ll do somethin’ that’ll blow y’all’s mind.”

9. (Cyclops) “My eyes burn… for you.”

8. (Wolverine) “Hey, gal. Wanna piece a’fruit?” [Worked like a charm on that episode of Amazin’ Spider-Friends. The mornin’ after the episode, they had ta pull Firestar offa him.]

7. (Cyclops) “Have we met? Yes, I’m sure we have… you’re the reincarnation of my dead, psychotic girlfriend!”

6. (Magneto. No, he really was an X-Man once. They’ll take ANYBODY.) [Magneto’s “pick-up line” is a line of magnetic force he uses ta magnetize the iron in a chick’s bloodstream. She’ll be drawn to him, an’ won’t know why, an’ won’t know why her cheeks are flushin’, an’ why the blood’s pulsin’ inta her D-cups, an’ why her arteries are pumpin’ an’ pumpin’ an’ pumpin’ inta her [CENSORED]]

5. (Storm) “Do you hear the crash of thunder and see the spark of lightning, besieging this bar? I have done that to the weather, for you have done that to me… Let us fly. Let us live. Let us test ourselves to the limit. I will…” [Seven more paragraphs follow, but most guys just take her hand an’ lead her out before she’s done.]

4. (General) “Nice pheremones.”

3. (Wolverine) “Yeah, babe. The hardest substance of the Earth is in my bones. ALL my… ‘bones.'”

2. (General) “Want to jumpstart evolution?”

1. (Professor X) “I can’t feel my legs, but they must be tired, as I’ve been running through your mind all night.”


/ Source , author: Tim Mitts /

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