Hot and Heavy Superhero Movie News

In this segment of our Hot and Heavy Superhero Movie News you will learn more about the third Captain America movie, the Oscar battle for the best portrayal of The Joker and what Marvel has planned for Chris Pratt.

The superhero movie business is definitely booming and the schedule for the next 5 years is packed with anticipation and excitement. But what makes the rumors stir today? AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Captain America: Civil War

The cameras have started rolling and Chris Evans is set to lay down the law within the Marvel Universe. If you haven’t heard by now the Civil War movie is the initial battle ground for the war between Captain America and Iron Man. However, the one thing that has really caught the attention from the fans has to be the deaths that are set to take place. To make matters even more enticing, the word has spread that a funeral scene is being filmed. According to the makers of the film it’s just a normal funeral with nobody important in the coffin, but according to speculations it might be the funeral of Steve Rogers.

These speculations are based on the comics from which the inspiration for the civil war came from. In other words, Captain America doesn’t survive. This definitely sparks a lot of hype although we can only wait for more substantial sources to come to light. Until then you are invited to play our online Captain America and Iron Man slot games if you need to let off some much needed steam. They create the type of excitement you can’t ignore and seeing as they are connected to a progressive jackpot that just keeps on growing you might be able to buy your own Iron Man suit.

Who is the Best Joker?

Let’s face it, The Joker is regarded as one of the most beloved villains of all time. It might sound strange to say it that way, but it’s the truth. Ever since Heath Ledger took on the role of Joker it has become a very big focus point, because The Suicide Squad features the Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith and the only thing people are talking about is whether Jared Leto can rise to the occasion and out-perform Ledger. Apparently Leto remains in character the whole day long and even resides in the prison where he is held in the movie. According to eye witnesses he is really taking his role very seriously and being an Oscar winner there is a chance that he might just compete with Ledger. Ledger was awarded with an Oscar for his take on the ever happy nemesis, but unfortunately he died before he could accept it.

Even die-hard Ledger fans have to admit that Leto looks up to the task, but personally, this is going to be a situation with two very different and distinct portrayals. It simply won’t be possible to make a comparison. We definitely hope that Leto is able to give us a character that can stand in for more than one appearance. Don’t worry Jack, we haven’t forgotten about you. Your depiction of the Joker will always be remembered as the first and original.

Chris Pratt’s Marvel Career

To end things off we have a little good news for Chris Pratt fans. Apparently he is set to star in quite a few Marvel films that aren’t based on Guardians of the Galaxy. He confessed in a GQ cover story that he is tied down to several projects with Marvel, but he wasn’t clear on what these projects are. He only hinted that all of them won’t involve Guardians of the Galaxy. Who would’ve thought that they chubby funny man would turn into an action hero?

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