Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I will admit that I never thought that Travellers Tales would be able to top the amazing Lego Batman 2, but they somehow did it. While not reinventing the wheel Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the best game in the Lego series to date. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Graphically the game looks great. Where Lego Batman 2 was dark and brooding Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the other hand is nice and bright and the areas of the game that are based on various Marvel Universe locations like Asgard, The Baxter Building and the X-Men school to name a few are juts full to the brim of little details. Even as you run around the huge New York City map you will see lots of famous Marvel landmarks like the Daily Bugle.

No other Lego video game has this many characters over 100 playable characters are here and many of them have multiple costumes. Iron Man for example has a range of costumes and some of them offer different abilities than others which is really cool. Some characters have the ability to change form for example when playing as Hulk by holding down the Y button (on Xbox 360) you will change to Bruce Banner. Or when playing as Venom if you hold the Y button you will grow large. No other Lego video game has such a diverse and interesting range of characters with different abilities like this one does. Cheats can unlock some pretty early on, but if you want you can get all those gold bricks to unlock the rest.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes game

As far as the game play goes this is your standard Lego stuff. Like Lego Batman 2 though it does have a free roaming map that you can walk around doing random non story missions if you want. This really does add a great deal of game play to the game and seeing all the game has and getting all the unlockable characters and vehicles will take you a very long time. The game is pretty easy and it does have some fun cheats that you can use for your own amusement. The story of the game is very fun. It’s well written and the voice acting is just superb.

If you are a fan of the Lego games then this is the best of the bunch.

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