Mega Moolah Slot

One of the most difficult questions that was posed by the success of online gaming in general was how to keep it unique. Should you stick with the traditional rules and game styles? Or should something a little more dynamic be tried out instead? AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

As one of the most reliable designers in the online gaming niche, Microgaming has long been in the latter category. Always willing to bring something new to the table whether it’s a new graphical style or new rule sets for how the slot games they operate work, they came up with Mega Moolah Slots. As the genesis for a new breed of slot games that allowed for something entirely different to work with the way that jackpots are won and handed out, Mega Moolah Slots became incredibly popular within no time at all when it as first released in 2006. Today, it’s still going strong and can be played on many different websites across the online gaming spectrum.

The game itself carries a specifically simple theme and one that’s really easy to just follow along with – there’s nothing too revolutionary about the design. However, the mechanics and features of the game were completely different.

For a start, you can win a variety of free spins which usually work around the scatter symbols that turn up as you spin. Were you to get three scatters to appear on screen at any given time, you will win some free spins! While today this might seem like old hat, in 2006 it was a bit of a revolution. Additionally, you got triple value for any winning sets during your free spins – is that not as fair as you can possibly be?

The free spins were also easy to trigger and could be done time and time again, but this was not the main feature that helped propel the game to stardom. The Bonus system was triggered at random, and you then were taken to a large wheel to spin. Whatever segment you stopped on would determine the jackpot that you would be walking away with.

The Lion plays a key role within the game, acting as the Wild symbol. Wild symbols usually have a big part to play in modern slots games, and this really helped make it popular – having more than two appear would provide instant rewards of coins, and also acted as a multiplier. If you get really lucky and get 5 to appear, you would win 15,000 coins! This is the type of massive money that you can win when you play with Mega Moolah.

It might seem a little dated today but it’s still great fun and really did help to set a marker down, if you’re looking to find out more about the game then take a look at for a full run down off the features and some soon to be added videos of a few big wins to whet your appetite!.


Winner Welcome multi 728×90
“*T&C's apply to each offer, click Play Now for more details
** 18+, 40x Casino Wagering, Max Bet Rules & Game Weighting Applies.
***18+. New customers only. 25x wagering requirements, and winnings on any free spins must be wagered 30x.”

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