How much would an Iron man suit cost in real life?

Unless you’re blessed with superhuman powers like the Man of Steel, you need money — lots of it — to transform yourself into a believable crime fighter. How much does it cost to don the Iron Man suit and live Tony Stark’s lavish life? Way too much money. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

MoneySupermarket grabbed the trusty old calculator and got down to calculating some estimated costs of Iron Man’s toys:

Here’s the breakdown:

Iron Man suit: $110,302,000
Jarvis super computer: $10,000,000
Swanky house: $25,000,000
Cost for R&D got seven Iron Man suits + War Machine: $1,464,000,000
Fancy sports cars: $3,415,000

TOTAL: $1,612,717,000

As always, that’s an estimated cost and actual figures would skew higher because a lot of his technologies just don’t exist in real life, but it’s still fun to take in.

For the laser-focused details on how MoneySupermarket came to that $1.6 billion figure, click to enlarge the infographic below:


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