The New Thor Emerges – Girl Power

Stand back gentlemen. The new Thor has boobs and she won’t be taking any prisoners.

Marvel has been making some big executive decisions in terms of their comics lately. First Wolverine was laid to rest and not too long ago it was announced the Deadpool will be joining him in April. But they aren’t just focused on killing off popular superheroes. Oh no, they are basically replacing them with women. In October the Marvel Universe introduced the new Thor and it sounds as if she is going to be more powerful than her male counterpart. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Jason Aaron is the writer for the new series and Russel Dauterman has contributed to the art section. Marvel has pointed out that it is one of the biggest changes they have made in a while. It was meant to be shocking and exciting all at the same time. Fans are probably wondering what is going to happen to the old God of Thunder as the new one takes his place? Nobody knows at this point. What we do know is that she took control of Mjölnir while the original Thor went through a series of changes.

Why is a new Thor upon us?

For those who have yet to read Original Sin #7 that came out in August last year, Thor lost his power to pick up his mighty hammer. How this happened is still unclear. After Thor approached Nick Fury and readied himself to take him down, Nick whispered something to Thor. It’s unreadable what was whispered, but the result was Thor losing his ability to lift Mjölnir. Ultimately he became unworthy, although we have yet to unravel what made him unworthy.

The Purpose of Female Thor

Marvel is trying to expand their female readers and what better way to do this than to place more focus on female superheroes? Or maybe they are trying to make up for the fact that there still isn’t a standalone female superhero movie? Either way, everyone is excited to see how this story is going to play out. Details about where she comes from and her intentions are still a mystery. From the shadows she emerged and become worthy to lift Mjölnir.

How long will she be Thor?

According to the writers she isn’t going anywhere. If you thought she is just going to be a temporary replacement then you are mistaken. Marvel plans to keep her on for a long time and it doesn’t seem like the original Thor will be getting his power back. From the looks of it, the original Thor just has to get used to his new metal arm. The real question is, when will we see her in an Avengers movie?

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