Online Casino’s – Roulette or Poker?

Online Roulette is appealing to many because of its simplicity and relatively low house edge – giving the player a high chance of winning assuming they select an outside bet. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Poker is a very different game as it requires the player learns fairly complex rules before being able to effectively play. Furthermore, there are many more complex elements to consider such as bluffing. As those of you familiar with poker will know, the best hand isn’t always the one that wins the pot.

Whereas Roulette is simply a case of covering specific outcomes (such as black for example). After the spin, if the result matches your bet you win, if it doesn’t you lose. With the introduction of countless mobile casino apps, many now choose to chance their luck on roulette casually when they have a spare minute. Poker by contrast tends to be a more focused activity as more thought and consideration is required.

The Advantages of Online Roulette:
• It’s simple to learn so anyone can bet regardless of their experience with casino games
• The odds of winning are higher than some other games in the casino
• By using specific roulette strategies it’s possible to increase your chance of winning

and thus the house edge is reduced.

The Advantages of Poker:
• It incorporates elements of skill as players try to deceive others (in terms of the strength of their hand). By doing so Poker stops being a game of chance as a good hand isn’t always required to win the money. The only issue is that with online poker gaining such prominence, the concept of bluffing
• Poker is a more social experience as it can be played with friends and family. Online roulette is more of a solo activity and most casino sites only allow one player per wheel.

Conclusion – Poker or Roulette?

Both games have their advantages. For players looking for a casual experience with a high prospect of winning, we’d advise online roulette. Whereas for those looking for a challenge and to develop into skill based gamblers, Poker may be a better choice.

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