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For those who are fans of Super Hero’s (who isn’t) will love to know that you can now play Super Hero slots and win big money. Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Catwoman, the Flash and of course the Batman (my personal favourite). I really enjoyed playing slot machines that were themed, my personal favourite was The Simpsons, I can remember winning a few slot jackpots in my time. But personally, I am a die hard fan when it comes to the Iron Man and Wolverine, playing the new Iron Man 3 slot game was awesome, most of the graphics and animation came straight from the film. So entertaining. Ironman

My next favourite is the Hulk slot. I mean, who can compare with that green monster! Playing the Hulk (one of the super hero slots casino games) was super fun, I love the “Hulk Smash!” audio, it’s the same audio clip they play in the Avengers slot game. One thing I can say is that the gaming companies have paid a lot attention to the DC comics and the Marvel comics because they’ve followed the story lines closely.

Here is a shot of the Batman game, I love the dark eerie feeling off of the Batman slot game.

Batman slots - Play super hero slots

I am a huge fan of Spiderman slot personally, I love the dark side of Spiderman so for me Spiderman superhero slots is along the same lines! Playing online Spiderman online slot is a great addition to playing slots.

Super hero slots - Spiderman

Play Spiderman Slots

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