Slots: Serious Fun Or Just Serious?

I recently read a forum post on where the poster basically said this: AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

“I don’t know why slots have all these stupid animations, 3D graphics and stuff. I just want simple easy to understand symbols and a chance of winning some decent money. What’s wrong with fruits and 777 symbols anyway.”

And that got me thinking: are slots developers making a big mistake in not truly recognizing who their audience actually is. In other words, are the people that online casinos really want – those prepared to bet frequently and, frankly, lose frequently – being ignored in favour of ‘entertainment’ players.

Certainly, looking at my own site – – I’m always astonished at the popularity of the fairly rudimentary looking Novomatic, IGT and WMS slots games. Yes, I know that these have a strong land-based following, but even so. It’s not like that don’t have plenty of other choices. This is backed by the continuing success of classic style slot machines that don’t even need a proper paytable for players to immediately see which are the big win combinations.

Now, it may seem a little weird seeing as I’m writing this on, which is all about high concept video slots, but on one level, there is definitely a case to be made that the most dedicated slots players are not getting the kind of games that they want to play. For these guys and gals, this means decent wins in the base games; the possibility of high returns from low coin sizes and bonus rounds with ‘massive hit’ potential.

However, that doesn’t mean the games have to be boring for the rest of us. Personally, I think the chap I quoted at the start of this article has it wrong. It’s not an either-or scenario. You can have cool animations, 3D graphics and so on and still have a game with the potential of a huge win. The Playtech series of Marvel slots are a very good example of exactly this idea.

For me, slots should be fun first. That’s what keeps people playing. They should also offer some chance of a payout. That’s what keeps people coming back. Going back to 7s and fruit symbols is just ridiculous. If the technology had been there 20-30 years ago to create games like the Marvel slots featured on this very site, I have no doubt the game designers would have done exactly that.

Post written by Matt Summers of Slots

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