Will Age of Ultron be Marvel’s Next Highest Grossing Film?

After the first Avengers movie topped the ranks in terms of money, will Age of Ultron be Marvel’s next highest grossing film?

The Marvel marathon is over and we are left to bask in all the greatness we have seen thus far from our favorite superheroes. It’s the calm before the Civil War storm and one of the most interesting aspects of waiting is to see how well Age of Ultron is going to do at the Box Office. Despite the fact that we greatly enjoy seeing our heroes in action, it remains a business. In other words, Marvel bases a big part of success on how much money the movies will generate. The focus is currently set on Age of Ultron. Joss Whedon is obviously hoping to out-do himself, especially after getting a whopping $250 million budget to make it. The suspense of waiting for the movie is over, but will Age of Ultron be Marvel’s next highest grossing film?

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It’s got the Right Foundation

When you look at the top 5 movies Marvel has made in terms of money then Age of Ultron is in the perfect position to become the biggest money maker. The Iron Man trilogy dominates the list, the highest being Iron Man 3 with an impressive $409,000,000.00. The other two movies on the top 5 list is Guardians of the Galaxy, which stands at $333,176,600.00, and of course the first Avengers movie way at the top with more than $600 million in sales. It’s only natural that Age of Ultron will either share the top spot with the Avengers or surpass it.

It’s got the Right Director

It’s no secret that Marvel has had some difficulty when it comes to directors. For the most part directors avoid making sequels because of “creative differences” between them and the studio. But the directors that seem to stick are Joss Whedon and the Russo brothers. In this case Whedon was at the wheel for a second time and as everyone expected, he did a marvelous job. Using the latest technology to make the action as perfect as possible, casting the perfect villain and adding some fresh faces are all elements that count in his favor. Let’s not forget about his natural talent to make any movie interesting.

It had the Right Media Buzz

When the end credits for the first Avengers movie rolled up so did the conversations about the sequel. Age of Ultron received so much media attention even before production started that it was difficult for anything else to even get mentioned, much less featured. All eyes have been on Whedon and the movie for the last 2 years, with everyone trying to get all the latest news. Then followed the three trailers that turned everything into somewhat of a frenzy, especially the rumors and speculations people had.

The Official Premier was made into a Marathon

Instead of just showing the movie Marvel decided to make an event out of the special night. So they gathered all the old Marvel footage together, collaborated with selected cinemas and scheduled a Marvel marathon. Fans could sit down and watch where everything started, building the anticipation to a brilliant climax.

The Bottom Line

When you think about it, it’s hard not to believe that Age of Ultron will be Marvel’s biggest film to date. They didn’t spend so much money if they didn’t believe the same thing. The movie plays a crucial part in a series that will only get bigger and bigger. If you want to get a piece of the action yourself then we suggest having some fun on our online Marvel slot games. You’ll be caught up in the magic of the superhero world within minutes, and what better way to celebrate an excellent movie?

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