Hot and Heavy Superhero News: Webslingers and Mutants

We’ve got some good news, and we’ve got some very good news in this week’s Hot and Heavy Superhero News segment. What would you like to hear first?

While we are still aching to see the Deadpool trailer this week and impatiently waiting for Batman and Superman to finally square off, we gathered some other interesting news for you guys. Expect to read some interesting news regarding the Spider-Man reboot, an update on the whole Channing Tatum – Gambit disaster and Hugh Jackman’s thoughts on the last Wolverine movie. So fans gather around as we give you a dose of hot and heavy superhero news. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Uncle Ben Dies Again!!!

Just a joke, don’t worry, Uncle Ben will not be croaking again. While promoting their latest film, Vacation, the writers provided some interesting information about what we can expect from the reboot. First of all, it’s not going to be an origin story. Little Peter Parker will already have his ability when we meet him, so we don’t have to sit through another class trip where a genetically altered spider takes a bite. The writers also gave more information about the type of character we should get ready for, namely an outcast, geeky and clumsy teenager. Their aim is to provide a feel good movie about Parker and the problems he faces at school. His ability to crawl up the wall only makes it more difficult. Another word the writers used to describe the movie was “lofty”, so we’ll have to wait and see. Tom Holland, the actor who will be portraying the geeky teen, has already finished shooting the cameo appearance on the Captain America set. If you were hoping he’d have a bigger part to play then you are going to be disappointed. When the word “cameo” appears you know it’s only for a couple of minutes.

Wolverine is taking Requests

This is somewhat of a bittersweet moment for Wolverine fans, or more specifically, Hugh Jackman fans. He is getting ready to punch out his blades for the last time and he has personally asked fans what they would like to see. Chances are we won’t see another Wolverine movie for a few years, so start savoring the last one that’s coming out. Jackman reached out on his Twitter page, urging fans to make suggestions. One of the replies he got was from none other than Ryan Reynolds, the face of Deadpool. He suggested that Deadpool and Wolverine take on a “Top Gun” type project. These two characters have done some crazy stuff in the comic book world, so it wouldn’t be too strange to see them flying jet fighters. Whether any of the requests will pan out in the movie remains to be seen.

Tatum is back for Gambit

We’ll leave you with a bit of good news, we hope. The latest rumors regarding Channing Tatum and his plans to pull out of the Gambit movie has been settled. We don’t even really know if there was any truth in the story from the start, but word has it that Tatum is still in the game. Yes, we know, maybe they could have found another actor? Just like Jared Leto, Tatum is going to have to prove his worth in the superhero world.

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