10 Reasons to Watch Ant-Man

It’s already been established that the Ant-Man movie plays a very important part regarding Phase 2 for Marvel, but here are 10 reasons to watch Ant-Man without connecting it to the Marvel Universe

Apart from the role Ant-Man is going to play in the Marvel Universe, it looks like it’s going to be the type of movie that will be able to stand successfully on its own. The reason for this has to be the approach Marvel is using. Instead of giving an action packed presentation they decided to take the scenic route and actually promote the entertaining aspects viewers can expect to see. In celebration of this entertaining spirit we present 10 reasons to watch Ant-Man even if you are not a fan.

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1. The Original Trailer and Poster

The first teaser trailer Marvel released was truly a teaser, because in order to see what was going on you had to use a spy-glass. Now the official poster was released and once again they decided to play the “true-scale” game.

2. The Perfect Actor has been Chosen

Hollywood is full of talent and yes, there are several actors that could’ve portrayed the role of Scott perfectly. But the more we see Paul Rudd in the role the more interesting the movie becomes. He is very well-known for his humorous characters, but don’t underestimate his dramatic abilities. His portrayal will definitely be something to remember.

3. Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne

Make no mistake, there is no doubt that Lilly will do a wonderful job in her role and that she will do the movie a great justice. But in simple terms, just her good looks is reason enough to watch the movie.

4. Brilliant Cast

Okay, so we’ve already mentioned Rudd and Lilly, but what about the rest of the cast? Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson are just some of the great names to look out for. Overall it’s a very balanced set of actors that will be entertaining the crowd.

5. Ant-Man’s Unusual Super Power

When you look at other super heroes that go through transformations, which one of them shrinks to the size of an ant in order to become intimidating? Not even the Hulk will scare anybody if he became that small.

6. The Full-Sized Trailer was Awesome

Fair enough, we have all learnt that movies shouldn’t be judged based on a two minute trailer. But let’s face it, Ant-Man had one of the best “full-sized” trailers in recent times and if it’s anything to go by then it’s going to be a hell of a movie.

7. Finding Some Avenger Roots

Even though the initial director of the film wanted the story to be based on the original Ant-Man, the role now played by Michael Douglas, Pym will still play a significant role in shedding some light on past Avenger issues. In other words, expect an interesting history lesson.

8. Paul has Buffed Up for the Occasion

It’s great to see that Paul is taking his role very seriously, because his extreme exercise regime has turned him into a finely toned superhero. He intends on selling his character mentally and physically, while giving the ladies something to swoon about.

9. It’s been a long Time Coming

For those who might not be in the loop about how long it took before the movie came to life, Edgar Wright sparked and molded the idea since 2003. Even though he won’t be actively involved he has received credit for his contribution to the script and story. There is no question that now is the right time to see his ideas come to life.

10. It’s going to be Funny

Last but definitely not least, there is going to be lots of humor in the film. This is evident from the teaser trailer and the official poster, but everyone is waiting to see how the balance between laughter, action and drama is going to define the last movie in Marvel’s second Phase.

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