Why have we decided to review DC Online Slots as well?

Marvel superheros are cool. So are the movies made around the characters. But we couldn’t call ourselves real super-hero fans if we neglected the other side of the comic book world. Yes, we are talking about DC! If Batman wasn’t badass enough, with the new Batman vs Superman movie out it’s just impossible to not publish the latest about these all-powerful heroes as well. The online gambling industry licensed a bunch of DC titles and built online slots and casino games around DC characters. Some well known, some less but we all agree that most DC online slots will be worth playing and reviewing. We can’t wait to hear about your own gaming experience spinning DC slots.

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Since 1934 DC Comics has been providing readers with quality stories and comic art, but it has also gained the reputation for being darker than its biggest rival, Marvel. DC has gradually made its way into the online slot world where Marvel has been leading the onslaught of amazing games, but things are about to change. With developers like Microgaming and Cryptologic behind the DC slots development, you can be sure they can compete with those progressive jackpots Marvel is known for.

Everyone can agree that online slot games have pulled a rather substantial crowd over the years, simply because of all the different themes being incorporated. It also helps that online slot games can be played for free on great sites like ours. But when Micrograming just recently launched the sequel to their Batman slot, The Dark Knight Rises, it became abundantly clear that DC slots will quickly make up for lost time. Based on the fight between Batman and Bane, the slot introduced several special features that really made it stand out. For example, the split wild and symbol scramble.

Then of course we have the contributions made by Cryptologic. In fact, it was this developer that has all the characters you want to play with, like Superman, Batman, The Flash Velocity, Wonderwoman and Green Lantern. If you’ve had the liberty of playing these slots then you’ll know they are definitely something different. In fact, Cryptologic managed to capture the DC atmosphere with great accuracy while providing a great overall design. The same can be said for Micgrogaming’s version of Batman.

Good news: SlotsMarvel will be covering DC slot reviews too

Even though DC slots aren’t as widespread as those of Marvel, they are still worth playing, especially if you’re a DC fan. You’ll find a range of features not available on other online slots and we’ve got all the info you need just in case. At SlotsMarvel we’ll be covering DC slot reviews in order to inform the public of how amazing they really are.

There is no shame in admitting that you still regard Batman’s gadgets as incredibly cool and you’ve always had a crush on Wonderwoman. These are characters that have inspired us to kick ass and take names before we could even read properly. But now’s you’re chance to experience them in a different way. More specifically, you get to experience them in a way that might just make you very rich. So read the reviews, test them out, but make sure you leave it all out there in the field. Being a hero isn’t going to be easy.

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