Captain America vs Superman – The Fight is On

We’ve had the liberty of watching Batman and Superman taking more than a few swings at each other. And just recently we watched how Iron Man and Captain America resolved some conflict with some heavy action. But what would a fight between Captain America and Superman look like? Even better, what if somebody came up with a Captain America vs Superman slot game? Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment and consider the amazing possibilities. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Just by looking at this picture you can already hear the reels spinning and the music building towards a bonus game that’s filled with action. On the one hand you have the all-powerful Superman, whose only weaknesses are kryptonite and Lois Lane. And on the other side we’ve got a resourceful soldier who is pumped up on enhanced physical abilities and martial arts. Neither of them know how to quit, and chances are they’ll beat each other senseless before a winner is crowned.

Our Hypothetical Captain America vs Superman Slot

If we had to come up with a foundation for a Captain America vs Superman slot it would have 5 reels and 20 paylines, which is a very popular combination. There would also be a wide betting range that will attract massive spenders and modest betters alike. And just because this is a hypothetical slot, we’d push the RTP percentage up to 99%. You’re welcome.

The symbols would be divided between Cap (Wild), his shield (Scatter), Superman (Wild) and his his Super logo (Scatter). The rest of the symbols can be concrete high cards. Depending on what combination of wilds and scatters you land, it will trigger a fight round with a certain prize. Before the brawl begins you have to choose the winner, which will dictate how much you win. Don’t worry, even if your choice doesn’t win the fight, you’ll still get some money.

Everything about the slot game will hover around conflict between the two. There will be different fight sequences and a big jackpot will be rewarded in the random fights where one of them actually bites the dust. Now that we think about it, this will be the perfect slot game if you’re having a bad day at work.


The Actual Slot Games

Whether our hypothetical slot will ever see the light of day is open for debate, but at least we have some slots based on Captain America. You’ll also be seeing a few Superman slots coming from Playtech, given that they signed a contract with DC and Warner Bros.

With the Captain America slot, which you can play for free by the way, the game is based on the blockbuster movie. The graphics are excellent and the in-game features will have you biting off your nails in anticipation. You can even get to see Cap in the Avengers slot game if you feel like enjoying a group effort.

The Superman slot that is available is a little dated, because it was developed by Cryptologic some time ago. It’s a cartoon-themed slot that plays to the comic version of Superman, which is still entertaining, especially for old-school fans. But you can be sure that Playtech won’t be taking the basic route with their version. But let’s hold on to the hope that Playtech will call and ask about our Captain America vs Superman concept!

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