What to Expect from Playtech’s Man of Steel Online Slot

If you haven’t heard the great news yet, Playtech is making a major switch in terms of online slot development. You’ve probably come to associate Playtech with Marvel’s amazing slot games, which feature big names such as the Hulk and Ironman, but the direction has gone to the other side of superhero characters. Yep, it’s time for Playtech to focus on the DC heroes, which is why they’ve signed a contract with Warner Bros to developed a series of slots. Among these characters is Batman and it’s based on the classic television series. That’s right, we’re going back into the 1960’s.

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The Batman television series, featuring Adam West as Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward as Robin, was known as somewhat of a phenomenon. With humor and wholesome lessons about life, these two joined a cast that would brand West as a camp actor. Even though it wasn’t such good news for West, it should make for quite an exciting slot game if you think about it. Despite the fact that it only aired for 3 seasons, it still made history. The costumes look more than just a little silly now, but just imagine what Playtech can do with it.

Man of Steel Online Slot Playtech online slot release date?

We have been asking around about the official release date of this much expected Superman slot. All we know that it will be still in 2016 and that Playtech had built a lot of promotional material to create a buzz.

For example they displayed an awesome Superman suit from the movie at the 2016 London ICE Totally Gaming show.


Awesome looking Man of Steel Superman suit displayed at ICE Totally Gaming 2016 show in London at the Playtech stand. It must have cost a fortune for them!

An official slot release date have yet to be disclosed but it’s surely coming this year. Playtech already has 600+ in their quickly expanding game portfolio and DC comics branded slots will be a powerful addition to the selection of action packed movie slots.

So what we think the Playtech Superman themed slot will be like?

Our prediction of this slot is that it will focus more on the lighter side of Batman. This might not be great news to everyone who adore the Dark Knight, but it could make for a nice change if Playtech does a good job. We just don’t see how Playtech can turn this into a deep and dark atmosphere, which is why we’re betting on fun and comical. Let’s face it, the dark Batman theme has been done before and a fresh take on things can’t hurt.

As with most Playtech slots, there should be a good betting range that will appeal to high rollers and modest betters alike. In terms of jackpots, we’d love to see some base game jackpots and some unique features. Whether Playtech is going to involve their ever popular progressive jackpot is another interesting question. They will no-doubt substitute it with something just as great if they don’t decide to use it.

The strategic move by Playtech Licencing DC Comics content will hopefully result a long lasting relationship between comic book characters and online slots.

We’re also expecting a retro theme along with some scenes from the series. The graphics will probably be a mixture of modern 3D touches and photos of the characters while the music is going to be authentic to the original score of the show.

What we’re really hoping for is a high RTP percentage and bonus games that shouldn’t be too hard to unlock. Depending on how many features go into Playtech’s new Batman slot, there is no telling how player friendly it’s going to be. If we have to look at previous games for clarity then chances are most people are going to enjoy what Playtech comes up with.

Can’t wait to play these superhero slots? Try out the existing Playtech Marvel Slots titles for FREE here.

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