Fantastic Four Slots Review

Do you love superheroes and love to play online slots as well? Guess what, now you can grab both of them as a superhero slots. Not just another online superhero games, it’s a Fantastic Four Slot as one of fabulous Marvel slot machines. The graphics and sound effects are all in premium quality. Just like in any other Marvel games, the characters are specifically adjusted to the real movie so that we can play without losing special characteristics from each of our heroes. This means, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing have their own special features. How fascinating! Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Fantastic Four Online Slot special features

Like the other online slots, you can get their special features when one of your hero covers entire 3rd reel. Here are a bit of their super powers. When Mr. Fantastic covers entire 3rd reel, Mr. Fantastic will expand and substitute all symbols, except wild and scatter. You don’t want to lose them. Want even more? You got it. 4 extra spins will be awarded, just to make it even more addictive.

Different from Mr. Fantastic, having Invisible Woman to cover your entire 3rd reel can get you four extra spins and one total bet. That’s just one of many super power she’s got here. Keep playing along to experience awesome effects and powers from Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. Trust me, you will want to have The Thing for your entire 3rd reel, although he’s grumpy. These features are ones of many reasons why people love to play online superhero games or superhero slots, to be exact. Get ready for your new gaming experience of thrilling actions in an awesome Fantastic Four-ish design, complete with magnificent animations.

Wild and Scatter Symbols in the Fantastic Four Slot

Like it’s not feature-rich enough, you can have bonuses not only with the superheroes symbols, but also with Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild Symbol can get you paid up to 10.000x. No kidding! But you’ll need to have a sequence of 5 Wild Symbols for that. But even if you hit only 2 of this Fantastic Four logo, you’ll still get a 40x payout. On the other hand, Scatter symbol brings the key to unlock the door of Free Games. You can only enjoy these bonus rounds by chasing this Scatter symbol. Complete with all Fantastic Four features, Free Spin Bonus rounds get the most of what Marvel slots have to offer to both online slots fans and online superhero games fans.

Amazed and got excited already? I have to tell that these are not all yet. Only for those who are feeling lucky, try to trigger Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot. Correct, Fantastic Four Slot has a jackpot game. Not only fascinating with all those graphics and effects, this addictive game can boast 4 marvelous jackpots. Just imagine after having fun playing this fantastic Fantastic Four Slots, you can pocket fantastic amount of money, walk away fantastically, and keep being fantastic.

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