Flash Vs Thor – Speed Meets Strength

Speed meets strength in this once in a lifetime clash between two beloved heroes, it’s Flash vs Thor. At face value this seems like a rather one-sided fight, but in comic reality, both of the them are going to have a really hard time. Given that Flash is the fastest superhero ever to exist, while Thor is definitely one of the most powerful, if not the most. So let’s get down to business shall we?

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The Flash and His Tactics

Starting with the one who seems to be the underdog, Flash, he’s a treasured comic book hero since the 1950’s. University graduate and explorer, this guy is heavily underestimated because he doesn’t have power. But he’s got something else that seems to be more dangerous, namely speed. According to the comic book facts, Flash can move at the speed of an attosecond. In the world of science, the shortest measurable period of time is 12 attoseconds. And with the speed comes force, which he can use to take down the mighty Thor.

Thor and His Tactics

All of sudden Thor becomes the underdog, because he can only track things that move at the speed of light. All his external powers, like lighting, his hammer and even flying, are simply too slow to get the better of Flash. However, Thor is still a god, and at his best he can keep coming back from the realm of death and stick it to the Flash. We all know what’s going to happen if Thor manages to get his hands on Flash.

It’s a Deadlock

If you were to ask comic book fans, there is going to be a long and technical debate about which hero is superior. But we don’t really like technical discussions when an awesome slot based on this scenario can be developed. Instead of getting angry about which one is better, we’ll put them into a Flash vs Thor slot game and let the reels decide their outcome.

What would make the Flash vs Thor Slot Special?

Apart from the obvious attraction of confrontation between two great DC and Marvel heroes, the slot is going to be filled with a showcase of their powers. The symbols will be divided between 3 distinct groups, namely symbols for Flash, Thor and some high cards as a middle ground. So, within the base game you’ll be seeing Flash run circles around Thor and knocking him down with speed force if the reels fall in his favor. But if Thor gets the luck of the reels, Flash is going to be on the losing end.

Until a developer finally becomes aware of how awesome this slot will be, you can settle your hunger by playing some free slots based on heroes, for example The Avengers slot. Try them out without a whopping $10 000 deposit and don’t stop spinning until you see everything you like, then take a shot with real money when you feel comfortable.

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