Free superhero slots online

One of the many great and strange things about living in a non US country that you can play slots online. However if you reside in an American state, with the exception of Delaware and New Jersey you are most likely won’t be able to play the coolest online slot machines due to regulatory restrictions. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

If you are like me who loves superhero movies and spin a cool slot every once in a while you will find Marvel superhero slots the most exciting games in an online casino. Sadly you won’t find these in US internet casinos because most of them are banned by Disney’s silly new rules – namely that their superheros can’t be featured legally in marvel themed casino games.

Having tried ALL the marvel slots that you can find out there I am a true fan of these adrenalin pumping games. Other then posting online slots review articles I will give you my personal recommendation of the top free marvel slot games available for you.

Top 5 Marvel slots that you can play for free

marvelslots-theavengers-300x225The Avengers Slots

marvelslots-captain-america-300x225Captain America Slots

marvelslots-fantastic-four-300x225Fantastic Four Slots

iron-man-3-slots-marvel-300x225Iron Man 3 Slots

The Wolverine Slots

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