Fun Deadpool Facts you have to know

In celebration of the amazing Deadpool Red Band trailer that was released earlier this week, we thought it would be nice to find some fun Deadpool facts every fan has to know.

– Did you know that there is a Slade Wilson in the DC comic world? He is better known as Deathstroke and after Deadpool was created the similarities were so abundant that Marvel creators decided to call him Wade Wilson. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

– When Deadpool was introduced into comic books he was just another villain. Nobody anticipated that his character would evolve the way it did.

– Wade’s mother died of cancer, which only left him with an abusive military father. This led to Wilson becoming part of a very sketchy crowd and finally making the type of friends that murdered his dad. We thought Wilson would’ve done that himself, but you’re never too old to learn new things.

– After being diagnosed with cancer, Wilson accepted an offer to join the Weapon-X program. The treatment was supposed to cure the cancer and give him superpowers. Unfortunately things didn’t work out that way. Instead, the treatment only made the cancer worse, but he couldn’t die due to the healing powers he received. The team at Weapon-X regarded the treatment as a failure and used Wilson for other experiments, giving him very bad odds for surviving. This was referred to as the “Dead Pool” experiments and also the inspiration for Wilson’s self-given name.

– Deadpool also has a childhood superhero, namely Captain America. Thanks to their shared experiences of being government experiments and Deadpool’s love for Steve Rogers, Rogers is probably the only superhero that treats Deadpool with dignity.

– Deadpool is one of the few Marvel characters who has appeared alongside most of the superheroes in this realm.

– Wilson became known as the “Merc with a mouth”, because he sometimes defeats his opponents by simply chattering non-stop and irritating the hell out of them.

– Before he became the raunchy superhero, Wilson fell in love with a mutant prostitute called Vanessa Carlysle. He decided to end the relationship after he figured out he was terminally ill.

– Deadpool is obsessed with getting a particular superhero to like him, can you guess who? Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

– He has a daughter called Elanor.

– He’s been married quite a few times.

– Deadpool has a soft spot for animals and children. However, he has a fear of cows and a weakness for kittens.

– In terms of crossovers teams, Deadpool and Harley Quinn is the most popular thanks to their combination of insanity.

– In a confrontation with Wolverine, Deadpool won by puncturing his lung.

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