Get Ready for Age of Ultron – Settling the Wild Rumors

With only 2 days to go until the biggest movie premier hits the cinema. The only question now is, are you ready for Age of Ultron?

It’s almost time to find out which rumors, predictions and assumptions will finally pan out when Age of Ultron finally hits the big screen May 1st. Marvel’s brilliant tactics to send everyone on wild goose chases has brought up some of the most far-fetched assumptions possible and all they needed to do was announce the release the date. For those who have been paying attention to all the rumors, here is a list of assumptions that could be interesting to look out for. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Rumor No. 1 – Black Panther making an Appearance

We already know that a standalone movie is going to feature the ever popular Black Panther, but what about showing up in Age of Ultron? This rumor came to life before the Sony and Marvel collaboration was finally announced no too long ago. Given the crucial role that Spider-Man plays in the Civil War it was unclear who would take his place should the time come. Many believed that Spidey’s responsibilities should fall to the Black Panther and this would lead to at least a small cameo role in the second Avengers film.

Rumor No. 2 – Captain America Swings Mjolnir

Thanks to a funny stunt Steve Rogers pulled at a Comic-Con convention, rumors have been flying around that he’ll be allowed to pick up Thor’s precious hammer and bring Ultron to an end. Even though it will be a cool ending, the substance of this rumor isn’t exactly “money in the bank”.

Rumor No. 3 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Cameo

Many believe Marvel will use a cameo with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in order to skyrocket the views for the television show and it won’t be the first time this has been done. But when you think about it, there are already so many superheroes in the movie and the running time is speculated to be more than 2 hours, so where exactly is this cameo going to fit in? What will be the relevance for the movie itself? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Rumor No. 4 – Somebody must Die

You can thank Joss Whedon for this tasty little rumor, because he loves getting the fans all excited by releasing tiny bits of information. He’ll typically say something like, “There are going to be some fresh faces and big surprises” and this usually sparks the imagination of the fans. The speculation is that one of the Avengers will die and the most likely candidate is Hawkeye.

Rumor No. 5 – Captain America Assembles a New Team

This rumor actually makes a lot of sense, because Age of Ultron serves as the appetizer for the Civil War. There is no question that Captain America will be putting together a team, however, it’s more likely to happen later on.

On top of all these rumors there a bunch more, like Captain Marvel showing up in addition to Spider-Man. Whedon did say that we’ll be seeing heroes we didn’t see before and it’s going to be one epic ride. Luckily fans can start counting down the hours towards the big screening, so are you ready for Age of Ultron?

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