Get Self Help for Your Gambling Addiction

Gambling can badly influence someone’s personal life; may it be the relationship with family and friends, daily tasks at work, or financial stability. It could also lead to misbehaviors and illegal acts; things you never thought you would get involve with before. People with gambling addictions find it difficult to control their impulse to gamble even if they are very well aware of its negative results. Rain or shine, happy or sad, rich or poor, men or women, win or lose, gambling doesn’t take any of these as a hindrance to do whatever they want. Clearly gambling addictions has the capacity to ruin someone’s life. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Although gambling can be this devastating, the best solution is to get self help. No one knows better about your weaknesses, strengths, ups, and down but yourself alone. A successful resolution to overcoming gambling addictions depends on your willingness to stop, learn, adjust, and the courage to change for the better. It may be difficult to begin with, but you have to remember that nothing worthwhile is gained without sacrifices. To get self help, there are guidelines that you must consider, please allow us to help you recover your lost self due to gambling addictions.

Acknowledge the Problem

Make everything easy by acknowledging gambling addictions as a problem that you need to resolve within yourself. You cannot move to the next chapter of your life without realizing the need to get self help since the problem starts to become an obstruction for your future plans. You cannot expect everyone to tell you what to do if you never listen to them in the first place. A person willing to undergo change must treat gambling addictions as an enemy, a disease, or a crime that needs to be undone and treated for the sake of personal development and growing up.

Practice a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Another important step to get self help is practicing a healthy lifestyle and positive outlooks in life; these two factors are somehow connected in a specific way. To maintain a healthy body, one must regularly eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. An adequate exercise and food supplements also helps proper regulation of bodily functions. A healthy body will lead you to do fitness and entertaining activities instead of being focused with gambling addictions. It also promote a healthy mental condition wherein you choose to be happy, optimistic, excited, and be a positive thinker instead of lurking to the gambling activities you know would never do any good.

Have a Healthy and Active Social Life

Gambling addictions begins because of some mistakenly understood it as a means of socializing with other people. This is a false behavior because socialization doesn’t promote the destruction of somebody else’s future. You must build relationships with people who inspire you to be a responsible, friendly, and a happy person just like them. Join spiritual groups, connect with old friends, play with the little kids, and make a healthy hobby full of fun and adventure. There are a lot of healthier ways to get self help, and that includes being with people whom you love the most.

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    Gripped by Gambling. Sure, everyone loves to gamble . . . if they win. But, the person sitting next to you in church, the man in line at the grocery store, or one of your co-workers; any one of these could be involved with a gambling problem. Imagine your grandmother committing a crime to support her gambling addiction. I published a book, Gripped by Gambling, where the readers can follow the destructive path of the compulsive gambler, a prison sentence, and then on to the recovery road. I am in the process of publishing another book where the reader can follow my path of determination, discipline, and dedication to a new life of recovery. These books would be valuable additions to everyone’s library.

    I also publish a newsletter, Women Helping Women, which has been on-line for more than twelve years and is read by thousands of women (and men) from around the world. ( I have been interviewed many times to share my story, and appeared on the 60 Minutes show in January 2011, which was moderated by Leslie Stahl.


    Marilyn Lancelot

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