The Green Lantern Slots – A DC casino game from Cryptologic

He might not enjoy all the glory other superheroes have, but the Green Lantern has his dedicated fans. In addition to a dedicated fan base, this glowing warrior has his own online slot game that will see you donning the powerful and iconic ring, then step up to save the world from certain evil. Even though the movie wasn’t exactly the most memorable moment in Green Lantern’s life, the online slot promises to bring you hours of money winning fun. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

The Green Lantern casino slot from Cryptologic (Amaya)

Here we have a DC superhero Green Lantern that has been around since the 1940’s and he’s seen his share of character variations of the years. But there is one consistency that always remain, and this is his powerful ring. With it he can transform energy into pretty much anything he wants. Whether we’ll be seeing a new movie about the hero anytime soon is hard to say, but we do know there’s a slot game waiting. It’s based on a 5 reel, 4 row, 50 payline system. The symbols are represented by Green Lantern himself, his enemies and high playing cards. The wild symbol is a closeup of our superhero, which only appears on reels 2 and 4, while his glimmering ring is used as the scatter symbol.


The Green Lantern slots game is set against the backdrop of a busy city and the graphics resemble that of a comic strip. Some of the symbols come to life as winning combinations are struck. There are three distinct features to this online slot and we’ll be starting with the free spins. Triggering the free spins will require landing Green Lantern in reels 2 and 4 while getting the actual lantern in reel 3. Provided that it’s not the easiest way to trigger free spins, once you get there it’s really worthwhile. You’ll receive 24 spins and ever time the lantern shows up an extra spin will be added. To make it even better is the x4 multiplier when Green Lantern is part of the winning combination.

The next feature is the bonus bet, which is used to boost the 50 paylines up to 60. Naturally it’s very appealing to high rollers, but everyone should consider using it, seeing as it comes with a multiplier in the base game.


Last but not least there’s the Green Lantern Ring Feature. Take note that it can only be activated if you are making use of the bonus bet. By landing 3 or more scatter symbols while the bonus bet is activate unlocks a fight between Green Lantern and Sinestro. If Green Lantern wins then you’ll receive X100 times your bet, which isn’t anything to laugh at. If Sinestro wins then the reward is going to be lower, but you’ll still get something.

The RTP percentage ranges between 92% and 95%. You should also expect constant smaller wins instead of irregular big jackpots. Overall the game does the Green Lantern a lot of justice and it’s incredibly fun. So are you ready to wear that ring and save the world yet?

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