Hot and Heavy Superhero News: A Hulk Shame

    This week has produced some very mixed emotions, as you can see in the title of the article. Yes, we’ve got the latest news on the Hulk, but you may not like what you read.

    There is no getting around the fact that we are going to tick off a lot of Hulk fans with the news we’ve received, but we’ll try to make up for it nearing the end of the article. Frankly, we were a little ticked off when this information came to light. In addition to the sad news we’ll be looking at a new superhero series and the controversy surrounding Kevin Feige (Marvel President). AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

    A Hulk Shame

    We’re not even going to prolong the rather sad news any longer. It has officially been announced that the Hulk will NOT be in the Captain America: Civil War movie. Apparently he was part of the script, but then Marvel decided they had much bigger plans for the green beast. This came from the actor, Ruffalo, himself. He also added that he has no idea when exactly the Hulk will be appearing next. At the moment the only place you can get a real dose of some amazing action featuring this beloved monster is by playing our Incredible Hulk slot game. If we have to be completely honest, we are disappointed that he won’t be in the film. Regardless of the “big plans” that Marvel has in store, we were hoping to see him in action.

    A Little Controversy

    It’s rather strange to think that Captain America: Civil War is going to feature more superheroes than the Avengers films. What should have been a Steve Rogers solo adventure with a couple of cameo roles has now turned into a very costly challenge. That’s right people, the budget is getting bigger and bigger by the day as more characters are thrown into the mix. In fact, it’s surpassing the cost of Age of Ultron and Marvel Entertainment CEO, Ike Perlmutter, doesn’t like it one bit. This has led to some controversy between him and Feige. Now, to put things into perspective, Feige has played a crucial part in turning Marvel movies around. For the last couple of years his name has been the main association for their silver screen success, but he was on the verge of quitting. Luckily the damage control has been done and now Feige will answer directly to Disney, side-stepping Perlmutter completely.

    A New Superhero Series

    Let’s end things off with some good news, which is the new superhero series that will be coming. All animation fans pay attention, because SuperMansion is all about the graphics. It features a cast of six heroes, living in a mansion and trying to stay relevant in the modern world. The voice actors for the characters include names like Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad fame and Tucker Gilmore, who can be heard on Wreck it Ralph and Frozen. You can be sure that this series will pack more laughter than fighting bad guys, but we still look forward to seeing something different. SuperMansion will premier October 8th on Crackle.

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