Hot and Heavy Superhero News: For Adults Only

This week’s segment of Hot and Heavy Superhero News comes with more than just a pinch of delight.

We’re saving the best news for last and if you’ve been keeping tabs on the Deadpool movie then the title should be a great hint. So, we’ll be starting off with some news surrounding the solo Batman film and the unknown future of the good vampire, namely Blade. Last but not least we’ll reveal some news you’ve been dying to hear. Let’s dig in shall we? AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Ben Affleck will be Directing and Starring in the Batman Solo Movie

This turn of events don’t really come as a surprise, because Ben Affleck is known for his directing skills along with his ability to write some good scripts. Yes, he’ll also be co-writing the script along with Geoff Johns, which means Affleck is solidly invested in the Batman solo movie. Just in case you didn’t know, Johns is very familiar with Bruce Wayne and he has written quite a few comic issues on the character. According to sources, Affleck and Johns are definitely on the same wave length and they are eagerly finishing the script.

Obviously it’s too soon to even guess what the plot is going to be based on, but what we can tell you is that it will follow on the Batman vs. Superman film that premieres next year. If DC and Warner Bros. is so confident about pushing a solo movie into the schedule then it says a lot about Affleck’s contribution. This isn’t going to be another Daredevil train crash.

The Future of Blade a.k.a Wesley Snipes

One superhero we haven’t heard much about is Blade and the only reason the subject has surfaced is because Wesley Snipes wants to make a 4th segment. The last time we saw Snipes swinging his blades was more than 10 years ago and it was already a trilogy by then. In the meantime Marvel regained the movie rights, but they haven’t done anything with it yet. Now, it could be that Snipes is simply desperate for work and his time in the slammer drained his cash-flow, which is probably why he’s howling Marvel these days. But when you look at the logic behind it then his chances are looking very slim.

Let’s put this into perspective. Firstly, what are the chances that Marvel is going to pick up where New Line Cinema left off? Secondly, what are the chances that they are going to use Snipes? By now everyone is aware that Marvel loves to reboot something, especially if it’s old, which means they’ll be looking for somebody much younger. For a guy that eagerly wants to make a Marvel movie Snipes haven’t been paying attention to the brand. We should also consider the fact that Blade isn’t exactly fit for a 13 PG audience, so who knows what Marvel is going to do with the movie rights.

Deadpool is R-Rated! Yeah Baby!!

It’s a good thing that Fox is behind this movie, otherwise we would’ve seen a family oriented version. But the fix is in, Reynolds’s efforts have paid off and Deadpool will be coming out with a hard-R rating. How do we know this? Thanks to a statement made by Tim Miller, the director, at the 2015 Comic Con, there can’t be any doubt that Wade Wilson is going to be the offensive, foul mouth merc we’ve come to love so dearly. This is what Miller had to say and we’ll put it in big letters so you don’t miss it,

“We have a very serious scene between Leslie Uggams and Ryan Reynolds where he’s holding a unicorn and ass-less chaps and a bottle of Jergens as he’s off to masturbate because he didn’t get the bad guy.”

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