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Hulk SlotsThis is where it all begins, The Hulk Slots is the origin of the green beast and his battle with himself along with everyone that wants him dead. It’s your turn to take on the role of The Hulk and see if you can control what the brilliant scientist Bruce Banner has evolved into. By playing Hulk slots you step into the responsibility of an unpredictable hero who has to face forgotten nightmares and an uncertain future. The only question is, are you ready to release the beast? Can you handle the power of The Hulk? If so, then take charge on the best Hulk slots and decide the outcome.

It starts with a father. More specifically, the father of Bruce Banner. Dr. David Banners’ research is aimed at giving soldiers superhuman healing powers, but his superior, Genl. Thaddeus Ross refuses to let him test on human subjects. In turn he experiments on himself and the effects are passed on to his unborn son. In his quest to find a cure he is stopped and Bruce is raised by another family, leaving Bruce with no recollection of his father. As expected, Bruce becomes a geneticist and works alongside the love of his life and ex-girlfriend, Betty Ross. His superior is none other than Genl. Ross. Using gamma radiation Bruce and Betty continue the work of Dr. Banner, but a haywire device unexpectedly goes off. In order to save a colleague from the radiation blast, Bruce uses his body as a shield and absorbs the radiation. The Hulk Slots game exudes this storyline through its graphics.

Why the HULK slots is so entertaining?

Hulk Slots FreeNow your part in the story comes to the forefront, because the moment Bruce loses his temper The Hulk slots comes bursting through like a bat out of hell. You need to control the beast, otherwise it will bring destruction to everything in its way. Shortly after the radiation blast Bruce finds himself transforming. His inability to control The Hulk leads to the destruction of the laboratory, but Bruce cannot remember a thing. His father returns and Bruce discovers the connection between his DNA and the gamma radiation. His curse becomes the only way to stop his father from killing Betty, who unleashes a pack of dogs with the same mutation as The Hulk. In his battle with the dogs The Hulk faces an onslaught led by the military under the command of Major Glenn Talbot, a man who wants to exploit The Hulk’s powers and use them as a weapon.

free hulk slots online The Hulk saves Betty and is detained by Major Albot after becoming human again. Betty hears a confession from his father that enrages the power of The Hulk even more. Dr. Banner killed his wife in front of his son and in his attempt to find success where Bruce’s research failed, he turns into a monster that can absorb large amounts of energy. After his confession he hands himself over to the authorities and both The Hulk and his father are set to be executed. Your biggest challenge will be to overcome the strength of your first great nemesis and father of Bruce Banner, smash your way through the levels with the Hulk Slots game.
Just before the execution takes place Dr. Banner absorbs all the electricity in San Francisco and you have to stop him. Otherwise nobody will survive the attack. He will drain your power as he keeps on getting stronger and you are the only one that can show him how powerful The Hulk truly is. Major Talbot is dead from an explosion he created, Betty admits to being head over heels in love with Bruce, and The Hulk has to deal with the most influential enemy he will ever face.

There is no doubt that the journey will be tough at first, but once you understand the mind of The Hulk by playing the Hulk slots you will discover what is true power. Use all your skills and knowledge to uncover the strength of The Hulk. Once you’ve mastered these skills you can unlock mysteries throughout the journey, which will make it more fun. Playing the Hulk slots will put you in the position to help Bruce Banner take charge of the incredible beast lurking inside of him. You will be flung against difficult challenges Bruce cannot handle on his own. In light of this we’ll ask again, are you ready to release the beast?

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** 18+, 40x Casino Wagering, Max Bet Rules & Game Weighting Applies.
***18+. New customers only. 25x wagering requirements, and winnings on any free spins must be wagered 30x.”

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