The Invisible Man Online Slots Game

Based on the classic horror movie, NetEnt brings you The Invisible Man slot game. It is dark, it is entertaining and more importantly, it captures the authenticity of the film. Following the explorations of a scientist that manages to become invisible, he pays the very high price of becoming rather violent. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

A quality video slot featuring a popular movie theme

There is no question that NetEnt went to great lengths to honor the principals of the movie. The animation and graphics are truly superb while the atmosphere is dark and moody. However, keep in mind that your PC should be properly updated in terms of hardware. If not then it’s going to take long time to load, not to mention the irritating lag while playing. Other than that is will be very entertaining.

netentslots-the-invisible-man-slotHow To Play The Invisible Man Online Slot

There is no lack of features on this 5 reel, 20 win both ways pay lines slot game. For starters, there are three separate wilds, apart from the walking wilds of course, and they have all have their different perks. So look out for the Police, Griffin and Burning wilds and see what they have in store. The rest of the features have been divided between multipliers, free spins, re-spins and a whole lot more. For example, the Police wild starts out on reel 1 at the beginning of a re-spin while the Griffin starts on the reel no. 5. They will keep moving towards the inside and when they finally overlap the player is awarded with 10 free spins.

As for the Invisible Man Online Slot bonus games there are two, namely Police Spins and Griffins Rage. In the former scenario the police gets closer to finally catching the invisible man and the player can expect to unlock 3 bonus spins and 4 burning wilds, which strike at random of course. For some the Griffins Rage bonus game is probably more enticing, seeing as it unlocks prizes and multipliers. All the player has to do is search 3 different locations for the invisible man.

the-invisible-man-slot-netent-bonusSlot Review Summary

Yes, NetEnt did a great job with The Invisible Man slots machine in terms of graphics, music and loaded features. But there is also a slight downside to the game, especially if you’re not experienced in the world of slots. Even though there are so many features, they don’t really amount to big payouts. Make no mistake, the potential to win big is there, but the variance isn’t exactly set to benefit the player. Apart from the difficulty, it’s a great slot game with great entertainment value and many online casinos released this fun movie slot game offering great signup bonuses.

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