Iron Man Slot Review

The Iron Man Slot game is one of the newest in the Marvel Slots series introduced back in 2005. Renowned for proving great gameplay and exciting and innovative ways of winning some major jackpots, and as a fan of the Marvel heroes in general, I was looking forward to trying out this latest offering. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Another awesome piece of the Marvel Slots series

Iron Man Slot, as the other Marvel slot games tend to be a little more complicated than a standard slot game found in most online casinos and this is precisely what makes them so appealing. Although the core gameplay is the same as the familiar slots you already know, it always helps to read a review such as this one beforehand to get a brief overview of the special features, bonuses and winning combinations that can be spun.

Gameplay Experience: Iron Man Slot Machine

I dove straight into the game, playing maximum lines for the best odds and almost immediately hit a Mixed Pay Feature which is when you get the Iron Man wild symbol in the first and second reel. The pay-out increases massively if you also have one on the third and then more on the fourth and the fifth up to a huge seven hundred and fifty times your initial bet. I had four so won a hundred and fifty times the line bet, still pretty good. I know this isn’t typical of an average session of playing but it was fantastic to see so early on.

The slots are arranged in a standard five reel and twenty five line pay-out format and the best option is always to play the maximum lines to increase your percentage chance of hitting a random Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot game. Each Marvel Slot is linked to this game and Iron Man Slot is no different. This special progressive jackpot game can be hit on any spin and I hit it after around twenty minutes of play. You are shown a small grid of twenty squares and must find three jackpot symbols to be a winner. Find three of the same and you win that jackpot amount. I won five hundred which was pretty great.

Iron Man Online Slot bonus features

In the short time I spent playing the Iron Man Slot I didn’t get to see the feature I was most looking out for, the Missile Attack Bonus Round. This can earn you some serious cash and comes about when you have three or more of the Iron Man logo tiles. When you hit these the action stops and you move on to the mini game which involves you needing to intercept and shoot down some rogue missiles that are hurtling towards you. Each missile you get gives cash, free spins or bonuses and when the final tally is added you get a multiplayer depending on how well you have done.

Summary: Iron Man Slot Review

All in all the gameplay was the high quality I expected from a Marvel Slots game. Iron Man Slot is well worth a look at. As a final note I’d like to tell you what happened on my final spin – I hit five of a kind which pays a massive one hundred times and sixty times your line bet. My line bet was two hundred and fifty so I took down forty thousand. Beginners luck maybe…

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