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Iron Man Slots Plot

It’s the birth of Iron Man. Playboy millionaire Tony Stark has taken over his father’s company, Stark Industries, and even though he is brilliant he loves to mess around. The magnitude of the weapons he is creating doesn’t really bother him, but his own near-death experience gives him a different point of view. With our Iron Man slots you get to step into the iron shoes of a rather careless hero. You get to save the world using powerful technology while enjoying the strange indifference Stark throws at the world. If Iron Man is your favorite hero then step up and play our iron man slots, because it’s out of this world.

iron man slotsAfghanistan is the place where Stark discovers who he is meant to be. Along with his friend, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, Stark personally demonstrates one of his new missiles. Unfortunately their convoy gets ambushed with weapons from Stark Industries and in turn Stark gets injured and captured. The people responsible for the attack is a terrorist group called The Ten Rings. This will be one of the enemies that you face on the Iron Man Slots. Stark’s injuries are fatal and thanks to another captured scientist, he survives with an electromagnet reactor in his chest. Now the fun begins. With the aid of the scientist who saved his life, Stark develops a suit in which he smashes out of prison. The scientist who helped him escape, Yinsen, sacrifices himself in order for Stark to ready the suit and this enrages Stark to take vengeance.

The other enemy you will face is Stark’s partner, Stane. The original suit Stark made crashed in the desert and The Ten Rings recovered it. From there it was sent to Stane, who hired The Ten Rings to kill Stark. When Stark returns home he tells Stane that the company will no longer be making weapons. With an agenda of his own, Stane recreates the suit left in the desert. Meanwhile Iron Man has to save the village where Yinsen lived with his newly made suit which he kept secret. The village is attacked by The Ten Rings using weapons supplied by Stane and Iron Man beats them down in a blaze of glory. This situation forces him to reveal his identity to his friend Rhodes.

Stane’s attempt to recreate the suit is flawed, because he can’t create the same reactor Stark uses. At this point Pepper Pots, the secretary of Stark, places the original reactor in a glass case as a reminder while Stark uses his new and more powerful reactor. Stane confronts Stark at his home and steals the new reactor. This leaves Stark crawling on the floor near death. He manages to crawl to the glass case where Pepper placed his original reactor and uses it to get back into action. Stane’s final piece of the puzzle helps him to escape the arrest led by Pepper and several S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Now the only one that can stop him is Iron Man, but Iron Man is at a disadvantage. His reactor isn’t nearly as strong as the one Stane has and there is no time to make another one.

Iron man SlotsWill you be able to stop Stane from destroying everything in his way? You are the only hope the city has and you are going to need some initiative if you are going to win. When you play the Iron Man slots you will be drawn into the same adrenalin rush Stark experiences. You will be in control of the best and most powerful technology one person can handle. Will you reveal your identity to the world like Stark does?

Now is your chance to be the hero you’ve always wanted to be. The Iron Man slots provide the most energetic, engaging and intense fun you will ever have. You are allowed to get lost in a world where you control the most powerful suit anybody has ever created. You get the chance to be the playboy millionaire Tony Stark and recklessly save the lives of innocent people. Discover how Stark embraced his destiny and join him in the good fight. You won’t find a better place to do this than our Iron Man slots, but only if you can take the heat.

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