Is Marvel Killing their own Movies?

Let it be said beforehand, we at Slotsmarvel love everything about the superheroes Marvel has unleashed on the world. For years they have kept us entertained and inspired to dream, but lately there has been a lot of debate regarding one specific element. Is Marvel killing their own movies?

Yes, we know that there is enough controversy in the world without adding the way Marvel is approaching THEIR movie franchise, but everywhere you look there is somebody taking a hit at the comic book company. More specifically, people are debating one specific question. Is Marvel killing their own movies? AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

These heated discussions have been swirling around on the internet for some time now, but after Age of Ultron smashed the box office they became much more evident. The reason for this is mostly based on the distinct difference between the first Avengers film and the sequel. You can even take into account the reputation Marvel has with directors over the years along with the way Joss Whedon stepped down. Whedon made it clear that he had enough of working with Marvel and eagerly threw the reigns of responsibility to the Russo brothers to finish what was started.

Let’s start by looking at some of the requirements Marvel placed on Whedon when making Age of Ultron. For starters, there had to be a fight sequence every 20 minutes. Obviously this doesn’t leave much time for character development, and seeing as there were no less than 14 characters in the movie, where was Whedon supposed to create any depth? Then Whedon had to make time for Captain America and his flashback about Peggy Carter, a show that is currently running on ABC. In fact, there were several scenes that were simply focused on promoting other Marvel projects.

The big problem now is the missing creativity from a director’s point of view. For those of you who don’t know Joss Whedon very well, he has definitely earned his reputation as one of the best directors Hollywood has ever seen. Now, Age of Ultron was about 140 minutes in length and although it seems like quite a lot, break it down into the sections Marvel wanted to implement, some one-on-one focus for all the characters and actually telling a story. Nobody could really blame Whedon for calling it quits. Make no mistake, we are not saying that Age of Ultron was a bad movie. But if Whedon had more control it would have been much better.

The worst part is that heated discussions aren’t coming from people who hate Marvel. It’s coming from fans who have been following the franchise for a very long time. According to them Marvel is losing sight of the main objective, namely the people. At the moment it seems as if Marvel is only worried about making movies with very big budgets and hoping the profit will come back threefold, not to mention the added promotions that are taking place.

There is no question that Marvel has created great interest in what they are capable of and everyone is still anticipating how the Civil War is going to unfold, but people are also wondering why Captain America was in Age of Ultron to begin with? The lack of character and plot development might eventually alienate the fans and Whedon is one of many directors who have walked away from Marvel. Do you agree that Marvel is losing sight of the bigger picture or do you think they are on the right track?

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