Jean Grey Vs Black Widow – It’s going to be a Hot Slot this One

As we continue with our range of concept slots, and hopefully inspire developers like Playtech to get on board to actually make them, we come to the first idea featuring two ladies. On the Avenger’s side there’s Black Widow, the cunning Russian assassin who never panics under pressure. For the X-Men we have the center of a love feud and a girl whose got so much power it can drive her crazy, Jean Grey. So, what would the Jean Grey vs Black Widow slot look like? Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90


Which One of the Sexy Superheroes will Win?

Even though Jean Grey got a head start in terms of movies, the Black Widow has made incredible progress during her short run. She has crept into the hearts of superhero fans thanks to her fearless approaches to any situation. More importantly, she’s the only one who can calm down the Hulk, which is a rare trait in itself. While Jean is struggling to decide between Wolverine and Cyclops, Natasha’s already made her choice.

But in our fantasy Jean Grey vs Black Widow slot, it’s not going to be about how they handle their personal relationships. It’s all about their abilities and the possible outcome if these two ever met on uneasy terms. Which is why our slot will make you choose between one of them before the game starts. Given that the symbols will be laid out equally between the two, in addition to some high cards for smaller wins, your choice is going to have a dramatic effect during every spin. For example, if you choose Black Widow as your hero then you’ll see bigger payouts during the base game by landing combinations featuring her symbol. The same goes for choosing Jean Grey.

However, unlike the other concept slots we explored, this will be a game for high rollers. The minimum bet on our hypothetical 20 payline, 5 reel slot is going to be steep, because the winnings will be enormous. You can’t have two sexy superheroes facing off without having some big bucks involved.

The Explosive Bonus Round

Just because we believe that slot machines should pay out with every spin, we thought about making the bonus round a little more interesting. It’s unlocked by landing three or more scatter symbols, of which there will be two different types (obviously), but everything depending on which of the sexy heroes takes you to the bonus round. If Jean Grey takes you there then the animation will depict how Black Widow loses, but you’ll still win some money even though your initial choice was Black Widow.

Who would Win in a Real Fight?

Moving away from the slot game for a moment, it would be interesting to see these two square off. While Jean Grey has amazing mental powers that are more than just a little dangerous, Black Widow is cunning and quick on her feet. She doesn’t have any extraordinary powers, but she can keep her focus when it’s necessary. In fact, it’s almost like a fight between Superman and Batman.

If it comes down to extraordinary powers, then Jean Grey is going to walk away victorious. But if the fight hinges on pure fighting skill, Black Widow is going to kick ass. Either will, you’ll be winning money with our fantasy slot.

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