Lady Deathstrike Vs Rogue – The Claws come out in this Slot Game

There is no love loss between these two ladies. In fact, they’ll kill each other outright if the opportunity presents itself, although Rogue might hesitate for a few seconds. They also have one person in common, namely Wolverine. While Lady Deathstrike spent years trying to assassinate him, he is part of Rogue’s X-men team and a close friend. Yes, the comicbook world can be somewhat of a soap opera at times, but it’s still damn exciting. Now join us as we “dream” about a Lady Deathstike vs Rogue slot, and hope one of the big time developers will steal it and turn it into a reality. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

deathstrike vs rogue

A Little Background

Starting with Lady Deathstrike, she teamed up with Daredevil an went a little nuts after killing her own father to save her lover from captivity. Why did she go crazy? Because her lover committed suicide in honor of his dead master. Her father is also the scientist who came up with the adamantium bonding material that was implanted into Wolverine. After Lady Deathstrike has a mental meltdown, she follows in the footsteps of her criminal father. In fact, she targets Wolverine, because she believes he is leaking all the information about the adamantium bonding element. Eventually she gets implanted with the same adamantium, but she adds a few extra goodies, which turned her into a cyborg assassin.

As for the lovely Rogue, she had a tough time as a child (being a mutant and all). Her only comfort came when she joined Charles Xavier and the X-men team. Not much is known about her childhood, only that she lost her mother early in life and her aunt took care of her. Apparently this relationship was tainted by her aunt’s authority and her rebellious nature. Why she ultimately ran away from home is still a mystery though.

How the Slot Plays Out

These ladies already have enough complications in their past, so we want to replace the baggage with action. For example, a great base feature for the slot would be moving animations from the characters. Depending on the winning combination, Lady Deathstrike or Rogue will come to life and use one of her powers to knock down her opponent. This seems fair right? Given that Lady Deathstrike is another version of Wolverine, it would be cool to see her shooting out those claws. As for Rogue, she looks great no matter what she does.

Of course we’d base the Lady Deathstrike vs Rogue slot on the popular 5 reel, 25 payline system. But we’d also make the paylines fixed, with a low minimum for modest betters. We’d also add a few free spins in the mix, along with some multipliers as the winning combinations appear. And the jackpot prize you ask? Nothing less than 100 000 times your stake, because it’s our dream and we make the rules.

Check Out Some Free Slot Games

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing this slot anytime soon, but you can play the X-men slot instead. It’s got all your favorite heroes and you can try the free slot version just to get a feel for the game.

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