If Ms Marvel was a real woman

Ms Marvel who is always know by the name of “Captain Marvel” (Carol Danvers) or Warbird and sometimes referred to as Binary is one of the sexiest creatures in the Marvel universe. The sizzling hot comic book character should soon be pictured by one of Hollywood finest actresses – but for now there is a big question mark around the casting for this incredibly interesting marvel role.

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We have searched the web for inspiration – What would a real life Miss Marvel look like? Many models appeared in front of the camera in a Ms Marvel costume.

Who is the hottest and closest match to the comic book pictures?

Cast your vote!

missmarvel-costume moonstone_as_ms__marvel ms_marvel_2013_02_13_07 ms_marvel_2013_02_13_09
MS_MARVEL_copy ms_marvel_cosplay_stance_by_vampbeauty-d4ns4ic ms_marvel_HD-wallpaper ms_marvel_vs_wonder_womanms-marvel-0105 ms-marvel-bodypaint1 ms-marvel-costume-cosplay ms-marvel-model ms-marvel-power-girl MS-Marvel-US msmarvel-withfan yvonne_strahovski_ms__marvel-girl hot-KristenHughey_MsMarvel2 hot-ms-marvel hot-msmarvel-girl Linda-Le-MsMarvel-photomodel miss-marvel-avengers missmarvel-comic-con



This is probably the most comprehensive Ms Marvel real life image gallery you will see for a long time. Bookmark, like, share so others can enjoy these pretty superhero characters.

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