Online Blackjack History

The great game of Online Blackjack exists for almost 400 years now. Over those years, this game has been developed from a boring game with a high house edge into a game which is played all over the world. It has now dozens of variants and some even offer the lowest house edge of any online casino game. That’s the power of online blackjack. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

When the people in the USA started playing online blackjack, it was called 21. The game wasn’t as popular as nowadays, players would avoid it. (Online) casino’s saw this and they decided to give blackjack a big makeover. They would offer a big bonus payout when a play was dealt an Ace of Space, with a black Jack.

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The pay outs were 10-1 after this makeover (!). The casino’s made huge loss so they quickly removed the bonus payout. But it led to this new game, which we call it Online Blackjack.

The bonus payout was removed, but one thing has been introduced. That was the fact that Online Blackjack is beatable by cheating. All small kind of cheats made some players very rich. Those players knew exactly how they could manipulate the table and/or cards. Casino’s have made security improvements thanks to that. They use cameras, trained dealers and Pit bosses nowadays to keep the game honest and reliable.

Collusion is a word casino’s try to avoid. It has been casinos’ worst nightmare. If you conduct research in cheating of blackjack, you will understand how players are able to cheat in casinos. Player – often with help of the dealer – have pulled of amazing or not so amazing scams.

Card counters scam casinos already for centuries. This kind of cheating is not officially illegal, but casinos may refuse a player if they have the suspicion he count cards. Some players think nowadays is still a great time to count cards, but nothing is more false. Casinos use more packs of cards then decades ago. There are several websites where you can find the best strategies about card counting.

Blackjack Rules, Variants and Game Guides

Mastering the rules and strategies of online blackjack is something every player dreams of. Being a more professional player than a recreational one is harder than you think. Knowledge is power though, and you can make a lot of profit if you understand the game of online blackjack.


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