Piggy Riches Online Slot Review

We don’t typically associate pigs with being rich, but in this case we have to make an exception. The Piggy Riches online slot by NetEnt aims to reform the way people refer to being filthy wealthy. Once again NetEnt has provided online gamblers with a fun and exciting game for testing the odds with lady luck. Everything about this slot is based on cash, and swine, which adds up to a dangerous combination. Let’s take a look at why this slot has gained a cult status.

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Why Play Piggy Riches Online Slot?

The first winning element has to be the humorous graphics. You’ve got pigs in fur coats and purses full of cash. On top of this the dynamic of this online slot is very entertaining. Chances are you’ll just enjoy what you see before you. Now for the good stuff, which is the wide range of betting options. Betting starts at a modest 15 cents and can go up to $75. It’s based on a 5 reel, 15 payline system, so you might think the jackpot options are relatively low. The truth is you can land a base game jackpot of 2000 coins with 5 Riches symbols, but it gets even better. You have a chance of winning up to 360 000 coins, which explains the crazy money and pig combination.


As you’ll notice, all the symbols are rooted in money, even the high card symbols look expensive. There are golden credit cards, keys to the big mansion in the back and even bags full of diamonds and gold coins. But the two symbols you really want to look out for is Mr. Riches and his wife, Mrs. Riches. Mr. Riches is the wild symbols, which can substitute for any of the symbols except for Mrs. Riches, who is the scatter. When you get a winning combination with the wild symbol then expect your winnings to triple. When you get three or more scatter symbols you unlock the free spin stage.


One of the big reasons why the Piggy Riches online slot is so popular is due to the high payouts. Take for example the free spin stage. When unlocked you have to make a few choices that are going to determine the amount of free spins you get, along with the multiplier. The lowest combination you can get is 9 free spins and a x2 multiplier. The highest combination is a whopping 28 free spins with a x6 multiplier. If you manage to land another scatter symbol during the free spins you’ll be rewarded with another free spin.

In all honesty, the wins aren’t exactly frequent. Get ready to wait a little for those bells to start ringing. But keep in mind that when you do win, you win rather big. It is by far one of the best paying online slots out there and gamblers who know it remain eager when they play. Keep in mind that it has been around for a while, so it might appear a little dated, but that shouldn’t stop you from making some good money.

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