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Loki, the Asguardian and enemy to planet earth is on a mission to take complete control. In order to do this he makes a deal with the Others, an alien race who promises to give him an army if he can provide them with the Tesseract. The latter is an energy source and its potential is simply inconceivable. As Loki is the adoptive brother of Thor, it’s obvious the strength and power that he yields. The only thing standing between him and the total empowerment of earth is you. By taking control of the legendary Avenger team consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor, you have the means to prevent the greatest danger earth is facing. Get to know your heroes, utilize their power and play Avengers slot free.

Dr. Bruce Banner – The Hulk

The brilliant scientist Bruce Banner who received his curse of becoming The Hulk by saving a teenager from getting struck by gamma radiation. While in his normal state he is emotionally conflicted and incapable of building normal relationships due to the uncontrollable creature lurking within. However, in this play Avengers slot free game he is confident in his ability to contemplate and solve problems that come his way. In his quest to separate himself from The Hulk, he realized that the world needs him to stay the way he is. For this mission The Hulk is asked to find the Tesseract, because it emits gamma radiation and he is the only one that can trace it. During this mission he will lose control and unleash the wrath that only The Hulk is capable of unleashing. Confront Loki and literally beat him into submission with the rage of the giant.


Tony Stark – Iron Man

Tony Stark is much more than just a boy genius in terms of electro engineering and physics. After inheriting his father’s multimillion company, Stark Industries, Tony was rudely awakened to the responsibilities waiting for him. His awakening in this play Avengers slot free game also led to creating a suite of armor that entails unequalled intelligence and power. He is cocky, witty and obsessive, but never fails to make a stylish entrance. The millionaire playboy didn’t exactly change his ways, although he did change is point of view. Iron Man’s role will be to enter the mind of Dr. Selvig, the leading researcher of the Tesseract expedition. Dr. Selvig is being controlled by Loki and Iron Man is the only one who can understand his work. As Iron Man you will have to save Manhattan from a nuclear missile, sent from the S.H.I.E.L.D head office as a safe-guard for the rest of the earth.

Steve Rogers – Captain America

Steve Rogers is considered the ultimate American. He is a soldier and the type of guy that will stand up for what is right, no questions asked. Self-confident and relentless, he embodies the image of greatness everybody wants to be. In this play Avengers slot free game doesn’t really have any special powers. Instead, his body has gone through a mutation which gave him perfection so-to-speak. He is a master of combat, tactical attacks and various martial art disciplines. Along with his unbreakable shield Captain America doesn’t know the meaning of the words “give up”. His role is vital in the mission, because he has to fight the army led by Loki while saving innocent people from dying. Are you ready to become the ultimate American?

Thorlief Golmen – Thor

A psychiatric nurse who had a nervous breakdown just before his 30th birthday, Thor, The God of Thunder is a politician and humanitarian. He is able to call upon great thunder storms and lighting while he easily travels between time and space. In this play Avengers slot free his powers consist of superhuman strength, endurance and durability. Given that Loki is his adoptive brother, Thor finds himself torn between his vow to help his allies and the bond he has with Loki. This leads him down a rocky path as he tries to save Loki without compromising his friendships. In the end Loki doesn’t give him a choice and he is forced to stand squarely behind The Avengers.

There will be conflict between The Avengers, but this will not stop them from achieving their mission. Play Avengers slot free and take control of the most influential Marvel heroes ever created. The power is in your hands now, can you save the planet with them by your side?

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