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Wolverine! The release of the Wolverine grabbed the attention of many comic lovers and action movie lovers as well. He has charisma and strength unlike any other action superhero. Close your eyes and imagine: Wolverine moving his way closer to Phoenix and as his skin slowly disintegrates but just as quickly comes right back. Amazing! Play Wolverine Slot free has powers that are uniquely his own. His healing power gives him a much longer life span and ultimately makes him stronger than all other superheroes. Wolverine also has great reflexes and super senses which allow him to sense impending danger. What is the most impressive? Those claws ripping through his hands to bring out his inner strength, these claws can tear through anything. When angry you never know when you Play Wolverine Slot free.

The Marvel Company is very famous and features many superheroes including Iron Man, Spiderman, The Avengers, Play Wolverine Slot free and more. If you are a fan of Wolverine in any comics or movies, you will be impressed with the Wolverine game. With every spin you never know when the claw-wrenching Wolverine will pop up. If you are interested in playing slots you should Play Wolverine Slot free and you will find that this game is much different than all of the rest.

The Play Wolverine Slot free game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The Wolverine logo is the scatter symbol (reasonably enough as he is the superhero after all) and if you have 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the 5 reels you will win the respective coin amounts. The picture of the Wolverine is the wild symbol that will take place of the majority of other symbols. In addition there is the berserker rage symbol which shows up on Reel 5 and allows for free spins. Also if you get three or more Adamantium Syringe symbols anywhere on the 5 reels you will get 12 free spins as well. All slot players love free spins especially when they are coming from the strength of the Play Wolverine Slot free.

Do you love the danger and wrath of the Wolverine? If so, you will be glad that you chose this gut wrenching casino game.

Why is the Wolverine slot game so interesting and creative?

When it comes to the most interesting and creative slot games that allow the user to have the best time, the Play Wolverine Slot free game is among the best. Comparing all superheroes, there are none with the powers of the Wolverine. Throughout the game Wolverine uses his claws to provide for jumping excitement through adventurous spins. The graphics and the animations of the Wolverine game are very close to those of the X-men movie. There is a symbol called the berserker rage symbol which shows the strength of the Play Wolverine Slot free game. When you hit this symbol on the fifth reel in the game, Wolverine shows up with claws raring and randomly throws out fun Wilds which allows you to earn even more. Marvel, the company that created the Wolverine also gives the users of the game a chance to win a Jackpot. They could not be any more brilliant.

Why is the Wolverine slot game one of the user’s favorites?

The majority of people who have watched the X-men movie all agree that Wolverine is their all-time favorite character. When playing this game you can see how the Wolverine transforms from the movie. Playing this game will make you feel like Wolverine’s claws are reaching out of the machine to grab at you. 5 reels of excitement are offered in every play of this game. In addition, the Wolverine slot game has 25 pay lines offering many more chances to win at great payouts.

The Play Wolverine Slot free game has features and graphics that you will truly enjoy. Are you are a fan of Marvel movies and games? Has the Wolverine always been one of your favorite superheroes of all time? Do you enjoy playing slot games more than any other casino games? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you should definitely choose to play this strong and mighty game. It will be fun, interesting and exciting when you play the game and you never know when you just might hit the Marvel Jackpot. Give the Wolverine slot game a try right away to get the best action packed slot action with every spin that you get to make! Try Play Wolverine Slot free today to win!

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