Playtech and IGT online casino providers are making more DC and Marvel themed slots

Who doesn’t like superhero games? The demand for comic book themed slots is greater than ever. Any blockbuster marvel superhero title that Playtech and IGT has licenced so far made the top played games section in their online casinos. No doubt that there are more superhero slots coming up soon in the near future. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

The gambling industry heavily uses the incredible popularity of the latest Hollywood movie titles. Casino players can easily relate to their favourite movie hero and will definitely enjoy a spin on a marvel slots game that has all the heroes and villains from the big screen.

When it comes to super heroes sometimes we just can’t get enough. We go to the cinema, we read the best-selling books, we go to Comic Con like conventions. We buy novelty products. Bottom line is we spend a staggering amount of time and money on these superhuman characters. What better indicator gambling companies need to pick a potential moneymaking online slots machine?
Playtech and IGT keep providing awesome slots games so we can get our fix. Some of the online superhero slots even have a land based slot machine version as well. So if you are in Vegas you might find yourself in front of a giant Incredible Hulk slot machine if one of the glamorous casinos.


Both comic book universe fans can find their likes – DC to Marvel you have a truckload of hero characters covered. Even Hasbro fans are entertained being able to play the latest Transformers – Battle for Cybertron online slot.

Europa Casino and Betfred are two of those sites that understand the popularity of superhero games and are offering you the chance to play these. Amongst nearly 300 different slots games from several providers – which is really cool because you will get a taste of different features and designs of games and gaming styles will make any player happy. They offer the latest Transformers game, the most recent Iron man and Spiderman slots to get your super hero fan mind excited.

The latest games from Playtech are perfectly suited to those that enjoy Marvel. The fact that as you play them you can also win real cash makes it all that much sweeter. The ever growing marvel jackpot sometimes reaches 1 million dollars! The two latest Hollywood titles Thor and the Wolverine Movie also featured on these sites as exciting online slots games. Check them out now!

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