Rocket Men slots game inspired by Donald Trump’s crazy quotes

In recognition of Red Tiger Gaming’s Trump based slot game Rocket Men, we put together some fun facts about Donald Trump. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Mini Bio:

Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States. A New York native, Trump previously resided in the eponymous Trump Tower. Trump Tower is also home to the Trump Organization which is now run by Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Allen Weisselberg.

Family man, Donald Trump has five children, nine grandchildren, two ex-wives and one wife. The most well-known Trump children are his three oldest from his first marriage to Ivana Trump. In order of birth they are Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Donald Trump’s third and fourth child are from ex-wife Marla Maples and current wife Melania Trump.

Previously to becoming leader of the free world, Donald Trump was a reality show host. From 2004-2016, Donald hosted “The Apprentice USA”. When Donald Trump left The Apprentice movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger took over.

Top Trump Facts:

  1. A Twitter rant led to the creation of the Trump inspired slot game Rocket Men

I know, it’s hard to think that Donald didn’t already commission his own slot game. After all, Donald Trump loves to put his name on things. In his lifetime, Donald Trump has put the “Trump” name on numerous things. From luxury real estate like Trump Tower to swanky golf courses including Trump World Golf Course in Dubai. Having his own slot game would also further his beloved celebrity status. In fact, the most popular slot games today are based on pop-culture. Movie based slots like Marvel superhero slots and celebrity slots can all be found at online casinos. Fellow celebrities that also have their own slot games include Ellen DeGeneres and the late artist formerly known as Prince.

In Red Tiger Gaming’s case it was a sound bite on Twitter, that led to Rocket Men slot. During one of his famous 2017 Twitter rants, Donald Trump referred to Kim Jong Un as “Little Rocket Man”. Red Tiger Gaming ran with it and created Rocket Men slot. Probably the most controversial slot game ever created but hugely entertaining. In their review, gave Rocket Men five stars.

  • Trump Tower was used as Wayne Enterprises

In the Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trump Tower was transformed into Wayne Enterprises. Wayne Enterprises is the fictional company owned by Batman (Bruce Wayne). Trump Tower which is a 58 storey skyscraper in New York City was the perfect location for Wayne Enterprises. In 2012, on Trump Organization’s YouTube channel Donald Trump said the movie was “really terrific” and that “most importantly Trump Tower—my building—plays a role.”

Red Tiger Gaming Donald Trump based slot game Rocket Men

  • He backed out of a deal to buy NFL team The New England Patriots

Donald Trump refused to buy The Patriots citing the as a ‘bad business deal’. The offer to buy the NFL super team came about in the late 1980’s. New England Patriots’ owner and franchise founder Billy Sullivan. Apparently for Trump, the numbers just didn’t add up. We reckon he has probably since regretted that decision. Today the NFL team are worth an estimated $2.6 billion dollars. The New England Patriots also won the NFL Superbowl five times. Donald Trump has always had an uneasy relationship with NFL so this probably was a good decision.

  • He is super sensitive about the size of his hands

Despite being President, Donald Trump still has his insecurities. Mario Rubio highlighted Trump’s ‘small hands’ sensitivity in the 2016 election campaign Donald Trump of course took the bait and hit back at the Florida Senator. In the past the size of Trump’s hands has frequently been discussed. Where does it come from? Apparently it all began in the 1980’s when Spy Magazine name him a “short-fingered vulgarian’.

  1. He once cashed a check for $0.13

Yes, it’s true Donald Trump once cashed a check for all of 13 cents. Sent from SPY Magazine as a prank in 1990. At the time SPY Magazine was a satirical magazine, known for taunting celebrities and the rich. As part of their prank, Spy sent out numerous checks to the rich including Donald Trump. The idea was to catch out those people who cashed the checks. Other celebrities and rich people targeted by Spy Magazine were Cher, Adnan Khashoggi (Saudi arms dealer and Henry Kissinger. Only 2 people cashed in their dubious checks for $0.13, Anan Khashoggi and Donald Trump.

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