Ryan Reynolds Calling it Quits After Deadpool

In February 2016 we are going to witness one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes this world has seen, Deadpool. It will also be the last superhero suit Ryan Reynolds is going to wear.

If there is something we wish we could do at Slotsmarvel it would be to speed up time until February 2016, or at least bring it closer. This is the date when the Deadpool movie is going to show for the first time after so many years of controversy. Unfortunately we have to patiently wait and literally count down the days. But there is another story that has been making rounds on the net and it’s in regards to the actor who will be portraying Wade Wilson, namely Ryan Reynolds. Apparently he has conveyed that he won’t be taking on any other superhero roles after Deadpool.

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If you look at the reputation Reynolds has had with his superhero characters then it rings a bell of familiarity, namely Ben Affleck. In fact, their paths seems to be identical. When Affleck took on the role of Daredevil he had to face a lot of disappointment. It should also be noted that the movie tanked due to the skills of the director, not the actors. He then made the transition to DC and with a lot of negativity coming from the public he took on the role of Batman. Reynolds had to face the same negative feedback from his DC movie entitled The Green Lantern. He responded by going over to Marvel and joined Wesley Snipes in the third Blade installment, which was followed by his Deadpool character in X-Men.

Now they are both at a very big crossroads and 2016 will show whether their transitions have really paid off. From what we’ve seen so far both of them are going to set the record straight and prove they deserve to fill their respective roles. But to get back to the statement Reynolds made recently, Deadpool is the last superhero costume he is going to wear. Does this mean that we’ll only be getting one Deadpool movie? Absolutely not! He said that if the people respond positively to the debut film then he’ll be available for the sequel and frankly, we can’t envision anybody else for the role at this point. He has been fighting for so long to get the film into production that he’s got a very personal investment, but Deadpool is where his investment ends.

Reynolds didn’t go into too much detail why he didn’t want to take on another role in this genre, but he did say that he simply doesn’t have the desire. If we have to be completely honest, it will be very difficult to see him as anybody else in the superhero world. You might be interested to know that Hugh Jackman is also finishing off his role as Wolverine, but he could be making an appearance in the Deadpool movie.

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