Should Deadpool be Rated for Adults Only?

As the much anticipated Deadpool movie slowly materializes the rumors are starting to break out. But should Deadpool be rated for adults only? This is the biggest debate of all.

By now everyone is pretty much settled on the idea that all Marvel heroes only appear in family friendly movies. Even Sony stuck to this premise while making the Spider-man films and so far Fox hasn’t deviated from the same formula. But out of all the wonderful movies we have seen, and will continue to see, there is one specific character that has Fox in a bind. He is known as the merc with a mouth and his persona doesn’t exactly fit the wholesome family viewing experience. Of course, we can only be talking about the legendary Deadpool. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

If you are looking for a hero, then Deadpool isn’t exactly your man. Maybe you are in search of a good villain? Well Deadpool doesn’t really fit that description either. In fact, Deadpool is the one true rebel Marvel has created. He doesn’t play nice, he rarely cares about the consequences of his actions and thanks to his cocky nature he is probably the most entertaining superhero character out there. This presents a rather strange question. Should Deadpool be rated for adults only?

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Assuming the Movie will be Family Friendly

It’s no secret that Fox has been kicking against an R-rated movie since day one. Even after all these years of waiting to finally get the movie into production, their opinion hasn’t changed much, and probably for good reason. The fact of the matter is that Fox is looking to boost sales, but it’s going to be difficult to push sales when the movie can’t be shown to kids. Given that a large part of the superhero movie fan base is rooted in adult viewers, Fox doesn’t want to take any risks. So the chances are good that they’ll keep the movie clean.

Unfortunately their support for this decision by fans isn’t very convincing. Even though some good arguments have been provided as to why the profanity should be kept to a minimum, unforgiving Deadpool fans simply don’t agree. In other words, adults that have come to love Deadpool’s nature won’t really look forward to a family friendly movie. This means that Fox is most likely torn between satisfying the younger audience or giving the grown-up children what they are looking for.

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Why Deadpool should be R-Rated

What we have to keep in mind is what makes Deadpool such a special character. His lack of moral values, the crude jokes and his lust for blood and violence, regardless if the person he is chopping up isn’t necessarily bad, is what makes Wade Wilson such a beloved character. He is the rebel that breaks the 4th wall in the most creative ways, so why not make this movie true to his nature? There is no doubt that Fox will still cash in if the movie is only suited for adults, because let’s face it, there are more than enough Marvel heroes fighting the clean fight.

Even the leading actor, Ryan Reynolds, tweeted that he’s trying his best to make the movie R-rated. As the person who is stepping into the unstable mind of Deadpool he should know better than anyone that you can’t censor a rebel. All the anticipation that is building up is based on the expectation that Deadpool will resemble the bad-ass we’ve come to know in the comic books.
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The Bottom Line

It will be unfair to Deadpool fans and Wade Wilson to go with a family rated movie. He isn’t exactly the type of hero kids should be exposed to and it’s obvious that he was created with adults in mind. With this thought we plead to Fox…………make the Deadpool movie the way it was meant to be, full of blood, violence, profanity and crude jokes we’ll remember till we die.

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  1. 1

    What I love about Deadpool is that he never takes himself seriously nor does he take others around him seriously. It would be unjust both on the fans and the character himself if the movie is not R rated. We have had enough of the family friendly drama, time to bring on some Xrated stuff!

  2. 3

    I really want this to be Pg13 because deadpool is a character that my son loves a lot and who cares about r rated and blood and gore it’s a fun movie like any other

  3. 4

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