Transformers Slots – Battle for Cybertron Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Play Transformers Slots for real Cash at Mr Green Casino!

The 40 reel slots has been completely designed around these robotic aliens. Check out the FreeFall Symbols as they allow combination wins, they are replaced by new symbols with the reels stop spinning which pays out truly massive jackpots!

You can choose your own Autobot ™ to gain huge victories, not to forget the mystery features that pay out extra wins every turn you have on the slots.

How to play Transformers Slots: Battle for Cybertron.

For every bet you make per line you are rewarded 40 times that. Hit the spin button or you can opt to hit the ‘Auto-spin’, you can set the amount that you wish to cap your amount. This option gives the most action! If you want to see the prizes available simply hit the info button.

Breakdown the Transformers Slots: Battle for Cybertron

  • It’s 5 reel
  • Betting is set at 60 credits
  • Pays out from left to right
  • Has Mystery features
  • Has a ‘FreeFall’ feature
  • The Transformers remove symbols form the the reels
  • Optimus Prime takes all the Decepticons symbols. Wild symbols on 2 and 3 reels
  • Megatron removes Autobots. Wild symbols on 2 and 3 reels
  • Grimlock destroys patterns and symbols randomly. Wild symbols on 2 and 3 reels
  • Symbol cascades, triggers bonus
  • Rachet appears if two bonus symbols are on the reels

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