Spider-Man Slot Game – Play on Mobile & Tablet

It’s time to find out why our online Spider-Man slot is so incredibly engaging

Where do you start pointing out the great things about something as exciting as our Spider-Man slot? A good place would probably be that it’s an IPhone, Ipad and Android compatible HTML 5 slot game, giving you the pleasure of playing pretty much anywhere you like. Another good place might be the fact that it was developed by Playtech, the same people that are responsible for those magnificent Captain America slot games. But alas, the best starting point has to be the seven bonus features that make playing all the worthwhile.

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Playing our Spider-Man slots on a mobile device or on a tablet is slightly different than on PC. In fact, some might consider it more fun, because instead of pressing the spin button you simply slide your finger in the direction you want the spin to go. But whether you prefer the computer or your phone, you are ensured hours of Spider-Man fun.

It is based on battling the Green Goblin and needless to say this is the pinnacle of playing the Spider-Man slot game. In the one bonus the more Spidey beats down the Goblin on a lonely city rooftop the more money comes your way. The second scenario involves chasing him down as he runs with fear through the city. However, if you want that big cash bonus then Spidey has to come out victorious. You might be wondering how you get Spiderman on that rooftop to face the Green Goblin, or at least chase the scared nemesis through the streets? It’s very simple.

When the Spider-Man Bonus symbol pops up on reels 1, 3 and 5 it will trigger a series of comic books. Each comic book holds the key to a certain bonus, which can either be the big fight, the big chase or the Three Free Spins. The comic books will start to spin and depending on where you stop them a bonus will be revealed. This is where the excitement begins.

There are also two randomly triggered bonuses that will either see Spidey going all crazy across the screen and increasing your chances of winning, or one where he drops down and takes a picture, which also awards you with money.

It’s fun, fast, exciting and most of all, it’s Spider-Man! The slot game has a classic yet modern comic design, which makes it very visually stimulating, and you can choose to play for fun or for real money. So why are you still reading this when you can be web-slinging yourself into some money? Embrace the webs, the action and the suspense as you bring out the butt-kicking side of Peter Parker right HERE!

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